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Potty training is an important step in a child's development. It is also the beginning of achild's autonomy and decision making! Whether you're talking about a 1-month-old baby or a 3-year-old child, the learning process is not at all the same.

To help you as parents, we have prepared several thematic guides for each period of your child's growth. From disposable diapers to training pantsFrom disposable diapers to training pants, you'll find all the information you need for your little one. One last piece of advice for the road: children grow up (too) fast, but when they become potty-trained and independent, don't forget that it will be thanks to your role as super parent!

All about potty training

Potty training is a challenge that usually starts around age 2. Of course, it all depends on your child's psychomotor abilities: earlier or later, each child has his own rhythm! The most important thing is to listen to your child and support him/her when he/she feels ready to take the first steps towards potty training. Looking for information on this topic? All the useful articles are below:


Everything you need to know about baby diapers

Long before potty training, your child needs an essential piece of underwear: the diaper! Whether disposable or reusable, the diaper plays an essential role in keeping baby dry and avoiding spills. Indeed, parents know it very well, but an unsuitable diaper is often synonymous with leaks and overflow. It's best to choose your diapers from the beginning to avoid inconveniences. To help you in this choice, find below all our guides on the layer:

All topics around the child

To accompany you in depth in your research, we detail below other thematic articles around the child. Growth spurt, dressing your baby according to the season, childhood diseases, ... so many essential subjects to understand your child!

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