Pregnant COVID Vaccine: The Real and the Fake

Vaccin contre la COVID enceinte : le vrai du faux

Disclaimer: This video is intended to inform you about the effects of the messenger RNA vaccine from a scientific perspective. The choice to get the COVID-19 vaccine or not is yours!

Covid Vaccine: Can you get the COVID vaccine if you are pregnant or nursing?

More than a year after the beginning of the pandemic, and a few months after the beginning of the vaccination against Covid19 in France, many of you are asking questions about the vaccination against COVID in pregnant or breastfeeding women. Today, Lea, a pharmacist and author of the Instagram account gives some information so you can make a decision.

What does a pregnant woman who gets COVID risk?

A pregnant woman who gets COVID has a higher risk of getting a severe form of coronavirus as well as venous thrombosis (the formation of a blood clot that will clog a vein in different places in the body).

Is a pregnant woman who is vaccinated more likely to have adverse effects?

No. Based on the studies, more than 4,000 women have been followed in the United States, and there is no evidence that a pregnant woman who is vaccinated is more likely to have adverse events than a woman who is not pregnant.

Can a vaccinated mother pass on immunity to her baby?

Several reports have been made on this subject. It has been observed that antibodies pass into the breast milk of breastfeeding women, as well as through the umbilical cord. However, this remains a passive immunity, i.e. it is a temporary immunity.

Does the COVID vaccine affect the development of the fetus?

To date, the vaccination does not cause any toxicity for the fetus, nor for the course of the pregnancy. For those who have questions on this subject, I invite you to go to the site, you can find a summary of all the studies.

Should we fear adverse effects of the COVID vaccine in the long term?

To date, the messenger RNA vaccine that is offered to pregnant women does not persist in the body, since after ten hours, half of the messenger RNA that is injected has already been eliminated. Therefore, no adverse effects can be expected in the long term.

Does the messenger RNA technology modify the DNA?

The messenger RNA vaccine does not alter the DNA of the person who is injected with the vaccine. Therefore, according to current studies, there is no risk for the fetus or for the good progress of the pregnancy.

#Fake news about the vaccine: Does the vaccine against COVID make you sterile?

A fake news about the vaccine against covid has circulated. This one formulated the fact that the vaccine against Covid-19 could make sterile by the hypothesis that the manufactured antibodies would attack a protein of the placenta in the pregnant woman. This has not been proven at all. On the contrary: studies in the United States have shown that ovarian function is not altered in a vaccinated woman.

At what point in her pregnancy should a pregnant woman be vaccinated against COVID?

Today, vaccination in pregnant women is recommended from the second trimester onwards at a vaccination center.

What happens if I get vaccinated and I find out I am pregnant?

If you find out that you are pregnant after you have been vaccinated, don't worry, there is no risk associated with this vaccination. You can have your second dose according to the vaccination schedule established in France.

If I am planning a pregnancy, when should I get vaccinated?

If you are planning a pregnancy, there is no time limit between the vaccine and the fact that you want a baby. Once again, you can find all this information on the website

Lea's little extra

My advice as a doctor of pharmacy: whether or not you want to be vaccinated, a good level of vitamin D allows you to have a proper immune response, i.e. not to have too strong an immune reaction, whether it be in case of infection by COVID or following a vaccination.

During your pregnancy, and even postpartum, we recommend our menstrual panties to bring you comfort!

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