Savings calculator for period pants

You and your menstrual cycle

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Already € spent and used in your life

For your information, you have already spent including consumption of disposable sanitary pads since the start of your period, plus the cost of buying new clothes and sheets. It's not too late to act!

Your period panties cushioned in cycles

If you switch from conventional sanitary pads to menstrual panties, you'll already be saving money after just months. Our pretty menstrual lingerie has a lifespan of around 5 to 7 years, just like conventional underwear. Savings as early as months, it's worth it!

We recommend 3 panties for one cycle

For one cycle, we recommend a minimum set of 3 menstrual pants, to allow for a bit of turnover between washing and drying. This set will pay for itself in year(s).

Your consumption of disposable protection products

Estimate the number of conventional sanitary protections (tampons, pads, panty liners, etc.) you use on average over the course of a day (day and night).

For example, for 4 daily tampons and 1 night-time sanitary towel per day, enter 5.

Hidden costs

They're not really sanitary protection, but they're part of the additional expenses associated with menstruation and the use of conventional protection. Because every time you leak, you could potentially have to change stained sheets, underwear or even clothes... And that's something to factor into your budget!