Make your period panties profitable

Calculate your savings with Elia panties

You may have been using disposable sanitary pads for years. That's a lot of money and waste that ends up in the garbage.

Take the test and find out how much you save with our calculator.

Calculate your savings!

The savings calculator
for period-proof underwear

by Elia©

You and your menstrual cycle



days (e.g. 28 days)

days (e.g. 5 days )

Your consumption of disposable protection

Estimate the number of conventional sanitary protections (tampons, pads, panty liners...) that you use on average during the day and night.
For example, for 4 daily tampons and 1 night-time sanitary pad per day, enter 5.

daily pads

The hidden costs

They are not hygienic protections strictly speaking, but nevertheless it is indeed part of the additional expenses related to periods and the use of traditional protections. Because with each leak, it is potentially stained sheets, underwear and clothes to be changed... And it is important to take this into account in your budget !

I make my period panties profitable


that's about year(s) or months

Period panties pay for themselves quickly

If you use period pants instead of your traditional sanitary protection, you will already save money after only months. You should know that our pretty menstrual underwear has a lifespan of about 5 to 7 years, just like conventional underwear. Savings as early as months, it's worth it!

It's better to buy a complete set!

For a cycle we recommend to have at least a set of 3 menstrual panties to have a little rotation between the washings and the drying. You would thus make this set profitable in year(s).

Already € spent in your life for your period

For your information, you have already spent including a consumption of disposable sanitary protection since the beginning of your period as well as the cost of buying new clothes and sheets. It's not too late to act!

good for you and nature

A commitment that is more important than just saving money

Beyond the cost savings, using period panties is above all a commitment to the planet
(zero waste, less pollutants...) and to the body (100% organic cotton
, no risk of toxic shock syndrome...).

Zero waste enthusiast
Do you already use reusable pads?

Have you been using a cup or washable pads for some time? Well done, you are already doing something for the planet and your wallet by avoiding waste!

But maybe you want to have a comfortable protection, which does not slip or which is not an intra-vaginal device?

Then our menstrual panties are an alternative for you.