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The period pants made in France from organic cotton

Our made-in-France menstrual briefs are available from age 10 to 6XL. Briefs from periods for light or heavy flows that reach the top of the buttocks.

Low-priced menstrual pants

  • -10%


    3 panties

  • -15%


    5 panties

  • -20%


    7 panties

  • For heavy periods

  • Teenagers and firsts periods

  • Pregnancy and post-partum

  • Our menstrual swimwear

  • Detergents, accessories

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What you think of our menstrual pants

Over 150,000 customers have already revolutionized their routines periods with our menstrual panties! As stylish as they are practical and comfortable!

How do our periods pants work?

  • anti-leak
  • anti-odor
  • anti-humidity

Certified organic cotton in contact with the skin.

Knitted in our workshops, draining and absorbent.


Ultra-absorbent fabric made from eucalyptus fiber (Tencel).

Quickly absorbs and dries even the heaviest periods .


PUL anti-leak fabric, up to 12 hours of effectiveness.


Certified organic cotton to encapsulate the absorbent zone!


Elia menstrual panties

Briefs from periods that replace tampons, cups, sanitary napkins and panty liners for all the days and nights of your menstrual cycle.
Comfortable briefs from periods , designed with researchers, textile engineers and health professionals.

Your washable and reusable periodical protection for a small step for the planet and a big step for your health !

  • Unique technology

    Absorbent, leak-proof, odor-resistant. Durable protection in organic cotton and eucalyptus fiber

  • Organic & OEKO TEX certified

    Pesticide-free menstrual pants without silver or copper nanoparticles.

  • Produced to order

    Panties knitted, cut and sewn in our French workshops

  • Economical, anti-waste

    0.58 cts per month

    2,560 disposable pads saved

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Gynecologically controlled study of Elia menstrual pants

Elia is in the press

"In addition to offering a revolution in the sanitary protection market with products of impeccable quality, Elia is a place where every woman can be advised, accompanied in all benevolence. It's time to take control of your health, ladies! Alex.N

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How to choose the best period pants ?

French-made panties

for exceptional craftsmanship and quality. Our lingerie is certified " Origine France Garantie " and " France Textile", with weaving, cutting, sewing and recycling carried out in our 4 workshops in France, one of which is classified as an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant.

Healthy for the body

Ahealthy period pants for the body, free from nanoparticles, in certified organic cotton and Oekotex Standard. Menstrual lingerie and swimwear from periods co-designed with health professionals, researchers, textile engineers and our customers, for the most fragile vulvas.

For all flows

A range of menstrual lingerie for all flows (light, medium, heavy and hemorrhagic) and all morphologies in every size. One pair of panties can absorb and dry up to 100ml of blood, the equivalent of 8 tampons for the most absorbent.


Ultra-absorbent, no leaks or odors, up to 12 hours of protection

Committed panties

because part of our profits are donated to associations, notably in the fight againstendometriosis, breast cancer, Paris Hospitals and menstrual precariousness. Over €30,000 in donations in 3 years!

A brand committed to the environment

Elia is a member of the Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat. A reduced carbon footprint, offsetting CO2 emissions with reforestation projects, and washable products that last for 5 to 7 years.

A company on a human scale

A company on a human scale, committed to the health of menstruating people, with a highly responsive Customer Service team to answer all your questions.

  • Endometriosis

    We're committed to endometriosis research

  • Menstrual precariousness

    We distributed 28,000 menstrual pants to combat menstrual insecurity

  • Women's health

    educating and informing schoolchildren and their parents about the menstrual cycle

  • Breast cancer

    Every year, we support the Gustave Roussy Institute in its fight against breast cancer.

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    Shipping and delivery within 24 / 48 hours. Anywhere in the world


    Our products are carefully packaged in recyclable cardboard.


    Have a question? Contact our customer service here. Call our health expert on 07 44 09 04 27