At the heart of our concerns
Health, comfort and femininity

Elia offers washable underwear that absorbs your white discharge, menstruation and urine leakage for 12 hours.

Depending on your flow, our underwear can replace your traditional sanitary protection or be used as a complement.

Elegant and comfortable menstrual lingerie that will be your everyday ally.

Healthy and safe, our organic and certified menstrual panties are guaranteed free of nanoparticles. Thanks to our absorbent technology made of eucalyptus fibers, our models are anti-odour, anti-moisture and anti-leakage.

Rediscover your cycle!

The innovation and technology of our menstrual lingerie


Thanks to our absorbent zone made of eucalyptus fibers, there is no risk of bad smell.


12 hours of dry protection, thanks to our organic cotton surface that drains the blood flow


The protection of our panties, equipped with a waterproof fabric, is wide enough to avoid bad surprises.

Zero sewing
Invisible under jeans

Thanks to the design of our models and the talents of our seamstresses, our menstrual lingerie is almost imperceptible under your pants.

The absorbent zone is integrated into the fabric of the lingerie with invisible seams while the edges are delicately hemmed with a bourdon stitch for discretion and refinement.

high performance fabrics

An innovative combination of materials

Our menstrual lingerie is made of 3 different fabrics to form your pretty panties and its absorbent zone, all free of silver nanoparticles. They are organic cotton, absorbent eucalyptus fiber and waterproof PUL.

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Maintenance tips

To take care of your lingerie, it is advisable to first rinse it in a basin of cold water until the water is clear. You can then put it in the washing machine at 30° with the rest of your clothes.

Pampered, our underwear have the same life span as classic panties, that is 5 to 7 years.