Guide to menstrual panties

Menstrual panties are a modern form of menstrual protection that is becoming increasingly popular with women. Although the concept has been around for decades, it wasn't until 2014 that period panties were brought back into fashion. There are now many models of period panties to suit every woman'smorphology and menstrual flow.

Menstrual panties have many advantages! They're practical, discreet and comfortable, but they're also a healthy and environmentally-friendly alternative. External, disposable sanitary pads are generally harmful to vaginal flora and the planet.

Whether or not you already own a menstrual panty, the Elia team shares all the information you need to choose and care for your menstrual panties in our guides : models, maintenance, lifespan, use, and much more!

  1. What are the advantages of menstrual pants? - Enjoy the multiple benefits of menstrual pants, combining comfort, durability and ecology for a revolutionary menstrual experience.
  2. How many menstrual pants do I need for one cycle? - Find out how many menstrual pants you might need to last a full cycle, optimizing your machines and your peace of mind.
  3. Do menstrual pants protect against toxic shock? - Find out how menstrual panties offer reliable protection against toxic shock, combining practicality and safety during your period.
  4. How do I choose the right menstrual panty size? - Find the perfect menstrual panty size with our practical tips for optimal fit and uncompromising comfort.
  5. Which menstrual pants for light flows? - Explore the possibilities for light flows, for effective, hassle-free protection on quieter days.
  6. Which menstrual pants for medium flow? - Optimize your comfort with our recommendations for menstrual pants designed specifically for intermediate flows.
  7. Which menstrual pants for heavy flow? - Dive into our guide to choosing the ideal menstrual underwear for optimum protection during heavy periods.
  8. Which menstrual pants for heavy flow? - Discover the best menstrual panty options for hemorrhagic flows, combining performance and peace of mind.
  9. Which menstrual pants are invisible? - Discover our discreet menstrual pants that blend perfectly into your wardrobe, combining style and effectiveness.
  10. Which menstrual underwear is right for the post-partum period? - Find the ideal menstrual panties for the post-partum period, combining comfort and practicality to support this period after childbirth.
  11. Can I swim in my menstrual underwear? - Find out if it's safe to swim with menstrual panties, and what the best protection is.
  12. Can I do sport with my menstrual panties? - Menstrual pants can be designed to accompany your training sessions, combining freedom of movement with optimum protection.
  13. Can I sleep in my menstrual pants? - Discover menstrual pants designed to ensure a peaceful, worry-free night's sleep, combining comfort and security while you sleep.
  14. Can I keep my period pants on all day? - Get practical advice on how long menstrual pants should be worn, for a worry-free day with complete confidence.
  15. Why wear a menstrual panty when it's hot? - Discover the benefits of choosing a menstrual panty in hot weather, combining breathable comfort and discreet protection on scorching days.
  16. How can you tell if your period pants are full? - Learn how to detect the signs that it may be time to change your menstrual panties, for efficient, hygienic management of your flow.
  17. How to wash and care for your menstrual panties? - Find out how to properly care for your menstrual pants, ensuring optimum durability and impeccable hygiene.
  18. How do I remove odors from my menstrual panties? - Say goodbye to unpleasant odors with our practical tips on how to wash your menstrual pants properly, keeping them fresh and comfortable.
  19. How long do menstrual pants last? - Read our article on the typical lifespan of menstrual pants and find out how to maximize their usefulness for efficient menstrual wardrobe management.
  20. When to throw away period panties? - Get recommendations on the ideal time to say goodbye to your favorite menstrual panties.