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What if your sanitary protection was your most beautiful lingerie?

Change the period game
Healthy, economical and ecological
Period panties made in France in organic cotton

Period panties that protect you day and night during your cycle. A panty for every flow: first period, white discharge, menstruation, postpartum, bladder weakness...

Period panties in organic cotton made in France

Up to 12 hours of efficiency
Ultra-absorbent, for all flows
Made of certified organic cotton and eucalyptus fibres
Leak and odour free
No silver nanoparticles
Delivered in 48 hours

Innovative lingerie

Our technology

Our workshops make healthy period panties without nanoparticles, with only 1.5mm thickness of fabric. Noble and vegetal materials, with incredible properties.

The Elia technology

Découvrez votre économie grâce aux culottes menstruelles

Cela fait peut-être plusieurs années que vous utilisez des protections périodiques jetables. C'est autant d'argent et de déchets qui finissent à la poubelle. Faites le test grâce à notre calculateur.

Calculer mon économie

A period panty for each flow and each day of the cycle

Odorless and moisture-free, it can absorb the equivalent of 4 tampons

Be ready for your next cycle!
Our menstrual panties packs

Discover our advantageous pack reductions by ordering 4 menstrual panties and more. Gain efficiency in between washings!


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Menstrual panties FAQ

A menstrual panty is an undergarment with an absorbent zone that acts as both lingerie and
hygienic protection.

With our innovative technology, you no longer need to use tampons, menstrual cups or sanitary pads, our menstrual panties are self-sufficient.

If you can't stand intra-vaginal devices (like the cup and tampons), if you want to save money and engage in zero waste, if you want to make sure of the harmlessness of the products in contact with your body ... There are many reasons to take the plunge and test menstrual panties!

Our collection of period panties start with prices from 35€. Take advantage of our referral and loyalty program to earn discounts and share them with others. Still in doubt about savings? Take the test with our savings calculator!

What are the alternatives to conventional sanitary protection?

Several types of sanitary protection can be used in addition to or instead of tampons or sanitary pads. Menstrual cup, washable pads and menstrual panties for example!

Discover our period underwear

What are the advantages of the period panties?

Easy to use, comfortable during your period, no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Elia uses healthy and safe materials in contact with your body, a zero waste approach... Our period panties have many advantages!

The concept

How to choose the best period panties?

All our panties are adapted for each flow. We have created a test to help you choose your period panties.

Take the test