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Elia, a women's story

Elia c'est Elle.

She is you, she is me, she is all of us.

Elia c’est l’histoire d’une femme, de deux femmes, de toutes les femmes.
C’est aussi l’histoire d’une féminité, d'une liberté, que nous avons voulu écrire pour vous.
L'histoire de deux femmes entrepreneuses aux préoccupations ordinaires, qui souhaitent simplifier leur quotidien sans sacrifier leur santé. Elles décident de créer la première culotte menstruelle en fibres végétales bios.
In the beginning of Elia
The story of creation

The Elia adventure germinates at the end of 2018 in Marion's head. Her endometriosis had always complicated her choice of sanitary protection. A holiday abroad, a beach soiled by sanitary pads: it was the trigger. Her zero waste approach convinced her that something had to be done. Apolline joined her. As a young mother and organic enthusiast, it is the healthy alternatives and the comfort of women in their maternity that speak to her.

Together, they designed Elia

A brand for elegant, dazzling, radiant women.

A committed brand

Our beliefs

At the beginning of Elia, there was also an approach and a promise: to take care of you, your health and our planet. We still follow this commitment and undertake committed actions on environmental, societal, local and economic aspects.

Our eco-responsibility

Our values

French manufacturing

Quality know-how, support for the local economy, short circuits: we have French manufacturing in our blood.

Our vision of made in France

Certified quality

Oeko-Tex, Origine France Garantie, organic labeling... We surround ourselves with the best external organizations to certify the harmlessness of our products and our materials.

Our certifications

The fight against endometriosis

The fight against endometriosis is at the origin of the creation of Elia. We are committed to raising awareness and knowledge about this gynaecological condition.

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Women's stories

Many of you have told us about your daily discomforts, shared your little tips during your period, commented on the effectiveness of our lingerie... And we are always delighted to hear your feedback.

For women

Elegant, dazzling, brilliant

At Elia, we didn't want to compromise elegance for the sake of safety. Here, the two go hand in hand, and we offer you both safe and effective lingerie, and a look to die for!

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