Pregnancy and Maternity

    For every day of the cycle, every period flow

    Flux Léger
    Flux Léger à Moyen
    Flux Moyen à Abondant
    Abundant to Hemorrhagic Flow

    15ml or less of blood

    1 regular pad

    1 towel

    ½ cup

    15 to 50ml of blood

    3 regular tampons

    2 towels

    1 cup

    50 to 80ml of blood

    6 regular tampons

    4 towels

    2 cups

    More than 80ml of blood

    8+ regular tampons

    6+ towels

    3+ cups

    -10% off from 3 panties

    -15% off from 4 panties

    -20% off from 5 panties

    Ultra absorbent

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    Delivery in 24/48h offered from 100€ of purchase

    Elia, the menstrual panties made of organic vegetable fibers