Nos culottes d'apprentissage pour enfant

Our training pants for children

    Your baby's first panty is here! It is soft, made of organic cotton and it absorbs the leaks and accidents of your babies in the acquisition of cleanliness. In more it is made in France!
    These panties retain the accidents of pee while leaving a feeling of moisture for a more serene transition of the layers towards the panties of the big ones.

    Training pants with certified materials

    All our training pants, like our period pants, are certified by external organizations. Find out more about them.

    Our certifications

    Made in France

    As always, we work with French workshops. So that our products have traveled as little as possible before arriving in your hands.

    French manufacturing

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    Shipped in less than 48 hours, our panties arrive quickly at your home. Our size ranges from 18 months to 4 years old, to cover the entire potty training period of your child.


    Your most frequently asked questions about training pants

    A training panty is an absorbent underwear for children that allows them to learn the concept of cleanliness thanks to a sensation of moisture without leakage!


    The book of Little Bun Bao

    Marie Cao, aka LittleBunBao on social networks is a former French sign language interpreter for children. She is the mother of two little girls. Trained in child development psychology, she shares her knowledge: signs! She is the author of a book on potty training to discover this learning process by signing.


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