The most beautiful wedding lingerie is menstrual

To live the D-day in all serenity

The menstrual panties marriage is coming!

Because your lingerie must adapt to all the days of your cycles and not the other way around, it is important to offer you an ideal wedding lingerie. An unbleached, transparent and invisible wedding lingerie under your wedding dress but also under your ceremony guest dresses.

Elia wedding lingerie has been designed to protect you from menstruation in all circumstances. From light periods to heavy ones and even small bladder leakage that could occur on the wedding day.

This menstrual wedding lingerie was designed with the collaboration of midwives. A natural, non-dyed organic cotton,
totally hypoallergenic to guarantee you a softness and an incomparable protection. Our range of period panties will fit all your outfits and desires. Colors, transparency, lace so that you feel beautiful in your panties the D-day!

Yes, I want it?

Getting your period on your wedding day

That's it, you've made your calculations and your period will fall on your civil or religious wedding day. Don't worry, menstrual panties are perfectly adapted to keep this detail to yourself during the ceremony, in all discretion.

Comfortable and practical, the Elia wedding lingerie are ideal to forget your period, so that you can concentrate on the essentials of the D-day.

Elia menstrual panties can be worn for up to 12 hours depending on your flow. You'll be able to enjoy the party until the end of the night, without having to deal with the logistics of a classic protection change with an immaculate white dress!

What period panties under her wedding dress?

ideal for bridal and light outfits
The Armande ecru shorty

Ideal to be invisible on light skins, it will blend discreetly under your pretty white wedding dress. Darker skins will prefer the black version. Its capacity of absorption for abundant flow will know how to retain the blood of your rules as well as the traces of perspiration of heat or stress!

Without dye and in addition to being in organic cotton, the Armand menstrual shorty will be the ideal compromise to reconcile your happiest day and your healthy and ecological claims! Its refined lace trim around the waist and thigh will perfect your delicate look of the day. Combine business with pleasure with our top-of-the-line menstrual lingerie: luxury for a day to feel beautiful and comfortable.

Are you a witness, guest or bridesmaid at a wedding?

We have a solution for you too.

To make the party more beautiful and without fail, opt for menstrual lingerie: our light and draining cotton allows your skin to breathe without overheating while our absorbent zone made of eucalyptus fibers avoids bad odors and the feeling of humidity.

The opportunity to put as much care and refinement into your underwear as your wedding outfit. White discharge, heavy periods, excessive sweating... don't be afraid to raise your glass for a speech!

Our period panties for all formal wear

Tanga, shorty and menstrual cyclist for wedding

"just in case"
Our light thong

Our thong is perfect for light periods, spotting, white discharge or for those "just in case" moments... when you don't know if your period will come that day!

Lightweight and low cut at the back, it is ideal under all outfits: dresses, skirts, pants, jumpsuits...

The charm of lace and the comfort of cotton
The pretty lace menstrual panties

For those who have a medium to heavy flow and who like the comfort of organic cotton and lace, these period panties are made for you. Ultra sexy and comfortable, it dresses your buttocks and will be invisible under your prettiest outfits. Ideal for those who love wedding lingerie, who want to feel beautiful and forget their period during brunch for example!

to match your outfit or to mix and match
Our colorful shortys

We've got your back in every situation. Our various shorty options allow you to blend in with light or dark outfits to absorb blood and sweat at your event. Match your underwear to your dress or skirt and discover our range of ultra absorbent shortys.

The heavy artillery
Our cyclist Louison

And for very heavy flow or excessive perspiration, our Louison cyclist is perfect under loose-fitting petticoats or mid to long length dresses. With its absorption capacity up to hemorrhagic flows, it will keep you safe all day long. Don't be afraid to get up for a toast!

A menstrual pouch to change during the wedding

On the spot or to go?
And when the day goes on...

Take a spare pair of period panties with you thanks to our nomadic menstrual pouch. You will be able to change for the evening after the festivities of the wedding day: then keep your used menstrual lingerie in it before its next wash!