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Shorty Sixtine Poppy

Shorty Sixtine Poppy

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Abundant flow period pants abundant flow

  • 50 to 80ml of blood
  • 4 tbsp.s
  • 6 regular pads
  • 4 towels
  • 2 cups
What's my flow?
  • Organic cotton certified and standard by OEKOTEX, nanoparticle and PFAS-free
  • Up to 12 hours of protection, with no leaks or odours.
  • Designed with healthcare professionals in mind
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Abundant flow

Our periods Sixtine shorty provides up to 12 hours' absorption for heavy flows. It's ideal at night or on the heaviest periods days, thanks to its double layer of absorbent eucalyptus fibers.

Its minimalist lace on the waist and thighs makes it ultra discreet under your clothes. In vibrant poppy red, it'll celebrate your cycles in full color. Wide on the hips, covering the back, Sixtine is a more enveloping version of our Armande shorty. It's perfect for women who want a cut that's halfway between panties and boxer briefs. This shorty is also available in sublime black and royal blue versions, to brighten up your menstrual wardrobe.

Red menstrual shorty for heavy flow

A comfortable shorty guaranteed not to leak, smell or feel damp, always in organic cotton, like all our lingerie. 

Organic cotton certified and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.
Made in France, certified Origine France Garantie and France Textile
10% for the Endometriosis Research Foundation l
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Sizing guide

Product size Size FR Your pelvis circumference (cm) Width flat to model size
XS 34-36 Less than 88 cm 30.5 cm
S 36-38 88 à 96 32.5 cm
M 38-40 96 à 101 34.5 cm
L 40-42 101 à 105 36.5 cm
XL 44-46 105 à 110 38.5 cm
XXL 46-48 110 à 118 41.5 cm
3XL 50-52 118 à 124 45.5 cm
4XL 52-54 124 à 130 49.5 cm
5XL 54-56 130-136 53.5 cm
6XL 56-58 136-142 57 cm


Our Sixtine shorty fits true to size, so take your usual size. It's wide at the hips and falls to the top of the thighs. It may be slightly tighter at the thighs, depending on your morphology. By comparison, the Armande shorty is large! If you're looking for a model that's narrower at the back or less wide at the hips, we recommend the Armande shorty. If you're between sizes, take the next size up.


Take your measurements directly on the body, loosely. The waist circumference (or hip circumference) corresponds to the widest point below the waist (generally at buttock level). Please note that our models relax slightly with washing.


If you're still in any doubt about which size to choose, take your favorite panties and measure the width at the waist from edge to edge. Please note that not all models wear the same way and have the same elasticity, so measure with a model similar to the one you want (take your favorite tanga/string for our Choupette tanga, a shorty or boxer for Armande, etc.).



    Put together your pack with the products of your choice, and equip yourself for every day of the cycle.


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    Shorty Sixtine Poppy

    321 total reviews

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      how to use our menstrual lingerie

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      to make your period pants

    • 2346

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    Elia technology

    Hydrophilic draining organic cotton in contact with your skin, inside and out

    with our draining seams and waterproof layer

    Anti-odour and anti-bacterial
    thanks to our absorbent fabric made from eucalyptus fibres

    How is the price of our Shorty Sixtine Coquelicot calculated?


    What if your sanitary protection was your most beautiful lingerie?

    Shorty Sixtine Poppy
    - Raw materials
    $5.52 USD
    - Made in France
    $10.72 USD
    - Logistics
    $5.30 USD
    - Donations and patronage
    $0.22 USD
    - Marketing & Communication
    $4.75 USD
    - E-commerce infrastructure
    $3.75 USD
    - Human resources
    $5.19 USD
    - Fixed costs
    $1.65 USD
    - Operating margin
    $2.43 USD
    $39.69 USD
    TVA 5,5%
    $2.31 USD
    $42.00 USD
    Payment in 4 free instalments
    - 24/09/2023
    $10.50 USD
    - Within a month
    $10.50 USD
    - In two months' time
    $10.50 USD
    - In three months' time
    $10.50 USD


    How much does French production and "made in France" cost?

    Since the launch of our panties brand at periods, lall our menstrual lingerie is designed in France in our offices and the workshops we work with.

    The periods Elia knickers are designed, knitted, cut, assembled and sewn in French workshops that comply with strict health and environmental specifications. All our product packaging is designed by French illustrators. All stationery is recyclable and recycled.

    All our commitments to "made in France", relocation and the textile industry imply much higher industrial costs than if we manufactured our products outside France.

    When you buy Elia menstrual lingerie, you're paying for quality panties made from noble materials. You're buying pants from periods that respect the environment, with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, organic cotton yarn and support for French craftsmanship thanks to the Origine France Garantie and France Terre Textile certifications. When you buy a period pants Elia, you're helping to relocate our industry and keep unique skills alive.

    Transparent panties at the right price.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 321 reviews
    Elena A.

    The product is perfect and pleasant. I recommend them!

    Marine H.
    Really nice

    I'm very happy with this very comfortable and absorbent shorty and I'm buying more right now!

    Irene A.

    For the day or night when my flow is heaviest.
    I really like the color too
    I recommend

    Aurélie D.
    comfort and excellent absorption

    Very comfortable panties. I love its high waist and super absorbency. I highly recommend this brand!

    Laurence C.

    As soon as I received it and washed it, I used the shorty. What a revelation! Comfortable, effective, invisible under clothing, at no time did I feel like I was wearing feminine protection. Same thing at night. Thank you so much!

    Céline C.
    Comfortable and reassuring!

    After a long period of research I decided on Elia and I don't regret it! My Sixtine shorties are perfect: absorbent, discreet, comfortable!

    Emma J.
    Super comfortable!

    Worn for a whole day without leaks or odors! Helps you "forget" about periods.
    Thanks for the great quality!

    Émilie P.
    Very nice color

    This shorty has a very nice cut
    Very nice orange-red color
    Very good hold on the buttocks
    As far as I'm concerned, it's just a little tight around the thighs, which makes for a bit of a tourniquet despite my hip size, which corresponds to the S
    size range. Absorption is fine, but there's one drawback: when the flow is too concentrated in the center of the panty, it quickly spills over the sides.

    Angélique S.
    Very satisfied, the fabric is

    Very satisfied, the fabric is pleasant and doesn't tighten. As I wear M, I chose L to be as comfortable as possible (to prevent the elastic from digging into the skin).
    Absorbs well. Nice color for a change!

    Virginie B.
    Excellent product

    Very comfortable shorty, super absorbent all day long.
    The red is beautiful.
    Would recommend!