What is Made-in-France: marketing tool or real commitment?

Qu'est-ce que le Made-in-France : outil marketing ou réel engagement ?

The importance of "Made-in-France" in the eyes of the French

Since the awareness of the working conditions of textile factory employees in some countries, and the desire to support the local and French economy to overcome unemployment, the name "Made-in-France" is increasingly used to reassure consumers. Indeed, studies in 2016 and 2017 conducted by Ifop (the French public opinion institute) supported that 3 out of 4 French people were ready to spend more money for a product "made in France", and that clothing was the second sector whose French origin was preferred by consumers, just after the food sector.

An often misleading name

Despite this, the "Made-in-France" label is often a marketing tool to appeal to consumers and give them confidence, rather than a real proof ofcommitment on the part of the brand or manufacturer that uses it. Indeed, it is mandatory in the food sector to indicate the origin of products, but not in the clothing sector. It is therefore a choice to label a garment "Made in France".

However, in Europe, the origin of a product is defined according to the country where the last "substantial" transformation takes place (i.e., which really modifies the nature of the product) or which represents an important stage of manufacturing, and not the entire production. A very vague regulation, and therefore easily circumvented.

And since this label is purely declarative, if an investigation is not conducted by the authorities and customs, brands can take the risk of misleading consumers by illegally using the label.

The "Origine France Garantie" label

Since 2010, the " Origine France Garantie" label, created by the Pro France Association, has come into play. It works for a better information of the consumer and the valuation of products really made in France. A brand or manufacturer can only use the label after a rigorous evaluation and verification by the certifying body. And to ensure that compliance is maintained, the verification is also renewed every year. This label ensures that 50% to 100% of the unit cost price (the sum of all the production costs of the product) is French, and that the product takes its essential characteristics in France.

Elia panties are certified "Origine France Garantie" and are entirely made in France. If our cotton and our eucalyptus-based absorbent tencel come from abroad (the French climate does not lend itself to their cultivation), everything else in our production chain is 100% French. From the design of the products, to the weaving of the cotton, to the assembly of the panties, to their delivery in your mailboxes, everything happens in France! This is our commitment, and our pride.

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