Our pregnancy and post-partum panties

Our pregnancy and post-partum panties


Throughout pregnancy

Our Elia underwear is perfectly adapted to the challenges of your three trimesters.

White discharge, bleeding, mucous plugs... These 9 wonderful months reveal many surprises in the panties... and our lingerie is there to have your back.

Discover the products best suited to these stages below.

Certifications for healthy, safe products

At this sensitive time in your life, you only want the best for your body. And we've got your back. Discover our certifications for safe products.

Our certifications


The Choupette thong

Designed to be pretty and comfortable, the tanga Choupette is perfect for use right up to the end of pregnancy , thanks to its two elastic bands in the front neckline, which adjust to your pretty round belly as the months go by: you'll be elegant AND comfortable!

It's ideal for absorbing your white discharge , which is often more abundant due to pregnancy hormones.



Simone high-waisted panties

Our high-waisted panties Simone provide up to 12 hours of protection for light, non-serious bleeding that can occur during the first trimester.

Thanks to their layered cotton design that adapts to your tummy, they're also ideal at the end of pregnancy, if your cervix is already working, for mucous plug discharge... and other last-week pleasures!




Post-partum bleeding, or lochia, is abundant and lasts for up to several weeks.

At the maternity hospital, thick sanitary pads - unpleasant but necessary - can end up causing irritation. Elia is there to take up the slack as soon as you get home.

Discover our Louison cyclist and shorty, perfect for the post-partum period.


Cyclist Louison

The double-absorbent Louison cyclist will be your saviour when you return from maternity! Why not before? Because bleeding up to 3-4 days after childbirth is very heavy and contains clots. You'll need to change regularly, and you won't be able to run so many machines to wash your underwear! We do, however, recommend it as soon as you return home, for the lochia (post-partum bleeding) that will continue: it is not advisable to use menstrual cups and tampons at this time, while your vagina and cervix return to normal. Our cyclist, on the other hand, will be perfect day and night, to avoid any irritation, particularly in the case ofepisiotomy.

The softness of organic cotton and the breathability of eucalyptus fiber will help heal any pain gently (episiotomy, tear, C-section).

Over a possible C-section scar, with an elastic that doesn't tighten and its high waist that goes up to the navel, Louison adapts to your morphology as a future and young mother.

It's also ideal for your return from childbirth, as well as for light bladder weakness while you rehabilitate your perineum. We advise you to buy several so you're always one step ahead.



The Armande shorty

Once your lochia has subsided, our Armande shorty, also doubly absorbent but lighter, can take over! It's available in a range of colors, but the light interior version, in undyed organic cotton, is ideal for monitoring the appearance and color of your lochies.

It's the perfect compromise between high absorbency and lightweight lingerie.



Simone high-waisted panties

Simone will also be your ally at the end of the postpartum period (intermediate flow) and for your return from childbirth. Its high waistline means you won't feel self-conscious about a caesarean scar.

Thanks to its sheathing support, it ensures a pretty silhouette to welcome your new mommy curves!



Our Adèle set

For all breastfeeding or post-partum moms, we offer our Adèle set. It consists of a nursing bra, with an insert for absorbent cotton, and our menstrual panties for medium flow, ideal for the end of post-partum lochia. Its midi waistband avoids the compression of a caesarean scar.