Our menstrual swimwear collection for menstruation


Our menstrual swimwear collection

Play the siren even during your period! Our menstrual swimwear, with its absorbent organic cotton core, will protect you from light flows and spotting, in and out of the water.


A menstrual swimsuit in Mix and match

Our menstrual swimwear is ideal for mix and match!

Our 2-piece format allows you to equip yourself at a low price during your period, simply by ordering our menstrual stockings.

We suggest you opt for our Sixtine shorty as soon as the swim is over.

Our different colors and our reversible Arielle black swimsuit top in two colors let you choose what you're in the mood for!

Our range of menstrual swimwear is ideal for light flows alone, or as a complement to other internal protection for heavy flows. Our swimsuits are available in different cuts, from bikinis to 1-pieces, in black and color, and in different sizes, from XS / Teen to XXL, for all women. Our bathing products are perfect for beach and pool use during your period, thanks to their absorbent properties.

Made in France, always with Oeko Tex fabric in the usual respect for your privacy, we do our utmost to offer them to you at the right price: take advantage of our pack offers to discover them at low prices.


How does a menstrual swimsuit work?

In the sea or in the pool, water pressure slows (but doesn't stop!) the flow of menstrual blood: the amount of blood lost is therefore minimal, and is generally diluted in the water as you move, with the exception of clots, which are retained.

This is normal, and it's thanks to this property that our lingerie and swimwear rinse easily before being put in the washing machine.

It's when you get out of the bath that the technology of our menstrual swimwear really comes into its own. Its elasticated thighs and absorbent, non-swelling core effectively retain more viscous fluids inside, such as blood, while our breathable polyamide allows water to evacuate quickly on leaving the bath, so it doesn't accumulate and weigh down the swimsuit.

This avoids the unpleasant surprise of blood running down your thighs after a swim. So you've got plenty of time to change!


Our menstrual swimsuit has an ingenious fabric assembly

Made from a polyamide designed for swimming, with a honeycomb texture for the visible part, smooth in contact with your skin and mucous membranes, it's at the heart of the absorbent zone that our OEKO-TEX-certified technical fabrics are discreetly encapsulated! A double layer of organic cotton drains and retains viscous liquids like blood. A waterproof membrane completes this ingenious assembly to keep you safe during your beach or pool session!


An absorbent zone designed for getting out of the bath

Our absorbent zone is deliberately low, to help the water flow out of the bath! That's why we recommend this model for light flows and spotting. Blood, which is more viscous and therefore heavier, is well absorbed by our organic cotton core, even during prolonged lying down. An absorbent zone too high up would create a stagnant pocket of water, weighing down the swimsuit. This design also reduces drying time.

For heavier flows, our swimsuit bottoms can be worn in conjunction with other sanitary protection (cup, organic tampon, etc.). Our absorbent zone provides extra security!


Why change?

All our products are designed in collaboration with midwives and gynecologists. Their feedback is unanimous: it's not ideal for mucous membranes to remain in contact with wet clothing all day long, especially during menstruation. In
fact, to avoid disturbances to the flora and the proliferation of
certain bacteria, it's important not to stay in a wet
garment for too long.

Ideally, and as soon as possible, we recommend not keeping a bathing suit (menstrual or otherwise) wet for more than 2 hours (4 hours at the most). And for those who want to extend their tan or swim time, our Sixtine shorty or detachable Charlotte panty can take over while your swimsuit dries in the sun!

Our menstrual lingerie, after swimming