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Comfort and convenience

These were the first shorties I bought when I was just starting out in menstrual pants, and what a renaissance it was, no need to bother with the various disposable menstrual pads with dubious compositions and a lack of comfort. The Armande shorty is comfortable, well absorbent, with a nice, pretty cut and good coverage.

Shorty Armande
Sophie Priou-Masson
Mother and daughter advice

I bought Armande shorties for my 15 year old daughter and myself. We are very happy with them. They are very comfortable and we feel much freer than with towels.


I usually wear M and ordered a size M. Very comfortable to wear, no more fear of overflowing.

Bralette Suzanne
Audrey B.
Very comfortable and pleasant to

Very comfortable and pleasant to wear! Very pretty, it enhances the poitevine, I love it!
I'm a size 85D (etam) and I've gone up a size. S

Suzanne panties
Audrey B.
Good absorption, very comfortable

Good absorption, very comfortable to wear, pretty design with matching bralette! A great way to feel pretty even when you're on your period!
For the size: I'm a 34/36 down I took S and I find the panties just a little too big.

Tanga Choupette
Audrey B.
Pleasant to wear, pretty designpour,

Pleasant to wear, lovely design, perfect for light periods or at the beginning/end of the cycle.

Perfect for the night

These shorts have a large absorption zone, so you can wear them at night without any problem and still feel dry.
However, they are more suitable for post-partum women, as I'm quite slim and find them slightly large in the waist, which mwould prevent me from doing sport in them, as indicated in the product description. On the other hand, it holds the thighs perfectly and I think that pregnant women or women who have just given birth should feel wonderful in it.

My favorite period pants

The Sixtine knickers are my favorite on my biggest days at periods I feel so supported and I'm pretty sure I don't have any leaks even when I'm working all day on my feet, it's so nice.
I have all three, but this Royal Blue color is really my favorite, it's a change from the ordinary and makes you feel beautiful while having your periods.

Cyclist Louison
Maelwenn B.

I bought the cyclist with a hemorrhagic flow as the panties are not enough for me, it is very comfortable and absorbent.
However, I have far too much flow, and with a cup, which leaks once filled, I made the cyclist overflow on one side slightly.

For very heavy flows (+50ml on day 2):
cyclists cope well with a busy, hectic day with a 20ml cup emptied several times.

The best on the market!

This is the third brand I've tested, and I've finally found THE one. The only one with an absorbent part that goes up quite high in the front, and a cotton fabric that doesn't make you sweat. Good absorption, no leakage, size a bit small though, I took the biggest size for a 46. I'll be ordering again!

Bikini Félicie
Jessica M.
Very comfortable to wear

Very comfortable to wear, doesn't leave marks under clothes (I'm a size 38, I order S). Beautiful cut and finish.
Perfect for medium flow, for heavier flow days I have Armande shorties which are also great!

Shorty Armande
Justine C.

Elia panties are truly amazing! I first took one to try out the quality, the product and the absorption, but everything is perfect. The details, the finish and the sensation of wearing them are really pleasant - you almost forget your cycle.

Hortense panties
Justine C.
Elegant panties!

A pretty undergarment for serenity during this bad period! Very comfortable, for low flows or early/late periods.

Tanga Choupette
Justine C.
Tanga subtle detail

This tanga is perfect for small flows and losses. Openwork on the front ribs and a little edging on the heart, beautiful finishing touches. Thanks Elia!

A must-have!

Incredible underwear, which envelops perfectly, so you can get on with your day without even thinking about possible leaks and discomfort. For me, they're the best panties on the market! In terms of finish and absorption. So good, in fact, that I've bought several pairs, because they're so attractive and satisfying.


Very comfortable, high quality panties


This is the second pair of Simone panties I've bought. They still meet my expectations! Comfortable and well thought-out opening

Very satisfied

This is the second pair of Philomène panties I've ordered, very comfortable and sufficient for the beginning or end of my cycle.

I should have ordered it for postpartum.

I recently ordered 2 pairs of Simone panties. I already had 4 pairs of elia panties at home and was very satisfied with them. But the Simone panties are really great, both in terms of comfort and safety. I'm sorry I didn't get them sooner.


A sexy, useful and above all effective gift from me to me!

Comfort guaranteed

Very comfortable and soft.
Essential when you have painful periods .
Thank you

Highly effective

Highly absorbent, ideal for heavy flow days.
The leopard print is very pretty.
The criss-cross waistband is very elegant.


Very comfortable, very effective and we love this color, PINK ! ! ! ! !
And the little lace makes it very feminine

period pants drejazoda

Super-absorbent panties but amon thick taste especially not to put under tight pants but otherwise it does its job no leak pretty shape I highly recommend this panty.

period pants drejazoda

Super-absorbent panties but amon thick taste especially not to put under tight pants but otherwise it does its job no leak pretty shape I highly recommend this panty.

I'm tempted, I want mine!