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Menstrual lingerie for the first period
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Our special teen collection

Puberty is arriving with a bang, and it's time for the first period! Elia now helps young girls and their parents through this new stage of their lives with the First Period pack. Discover the collection and our innovations!

First period collection, our period-proof products dedicated to teenagers

Unicorn embroidery
The versatile menstrual shorty for teens

A shorty cut, a nice embroidery on the front, a doubled absorbent protection for light and heavy flows: our Unicorn shorty has been specially designed to be comfortable, modern and to avoid leaks.

All about the menstrual cycle
Our First Period booklet

A 40-page booklet to learn all about the first menstruation and body changes. Exclusive testimonies and communication keys to discuss the subject between parents and teenagers.

Get it for free with any order of 2 Unicorn shortys.

To have an extra change during the day
Our waterproof menstrual pochette

Our pretty unicorn printed pochette, emblem of our teenage collection, is ideal to take your spare panties to school, to the pool, on a trip...

Its compact size is perfect to fit in a schoolbag, a backpack or a handbag. It is free with any order of 3 unicorn shortys.

The complete pack to start

Our First Period packs

Discover our two First Period packs:
- For 2 unicorn shortys bought, the First Period booklet is offered
- For 3 Unicorn shortys bought, the First Period booklet and the Unicorn waterproof pochette are offered

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