A relationship of trust

Our labels & certifications

At Elia, we are not content to simply assert our made in France or the quality bio of our fabrics.

We wish to bring you the concrete proof thanks to the labels from which our products benefit.

Elia, votre lingerie éthique pendant vos règles

No harmful products
Lingerie with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO- TEX label®

label ® aims to guarantee fabrics that do not contain toxic products either for the body or for the environment. It allows you to be sure that our textile materials do not contain any harmful substances (solvents, dyes, fibers...).

The label STANDARD 100 by OEKO-
is not a guarantee of bio but of the harmlessness of the product towards the body, thanks to a guarantee that the solvents used for the treatment of our materials are not harmful for the man. This certification is not an indicator of the organic or natural character of the fiber (our PUL, waterproof fabric which composes our absorbent zone, is moreover a synthetic material, but it is well labeled Oeko-Tex® ).

The associated certificate of each of our articles is directly visible on its dedicated page.

Organic Agriculture
Certified organic cotton

The cotton we use in our lingerie isorganically grown, which offers us a certain guarantee regarding the environmental impact of its raw culture, limiting the use of chemicals and whose absence already preserves the health of all the men and women who work in the harvest.

We complete our requirements with a guarantee of respect, at least a minimum of improvement, of the working conditions of the people who work on the chain of our supplies of material.

produce locally
The Origine France Garantie certification

The label " Origine France Garantie" allows you to use our products in full transparency, thanks to a reliable French traceability.

It is a guarantee of confidence, because today the claim Made in France has many grey areas and is sometimes used for misleading purposes for the consumer. The Origine France Garantie certification helps you to be sure.

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