Our trio of materials
Discover these fabrics with fabulous properties
an innovative combination
Three materials for four layers

Our menstrual lingerie is composed of the following layers, all free of metal nanoparticles:

1) Organic cotton, in contact with your skin
2) An absorbent fabric made of eucalyptus fibers (doubled for twice the absorption on our models for heavy flow and hemorrhagic)
3) A waterproof anti-leakage fabric made of PUL
4) A second layer of organic cotton for the exterior of your panties


Our organic cotton

Our organic cotton, entirely knitted and sewn in France in our workshop, is the only one of our materials in contact with your skin! This allows us to master maximum absorption and breathability capacities, to guarantee you an unequalled comfort. It is sometimes black, sometimes not dyed for the inside of our panties, to limit stains, but can be colored for the outside of the lingerie.


Eucalyptus fiber

The protection zone is made of eucalyptus fiber, tencel. It is a fiber produced with cellulose from the wood of this tree, with incredible absorption properties.



To prevent leaks, while our eucalyptus fiber fabric absorbs your blood, our PUL, the second layer of our protection zone, retains all liquids. This waterproof but breathable synthetic polyester material is there to ensure your back.

Fabrics made of anti-allergic plant fibers

Sains pour la planète, sains pour le corps

a natural material
The properties of organic cotton

With its incomparable softness, you will be surprised by its comfort when putting on your lingerie. Plant fiber, its naturally anti-allergic properties are ideal for particularly sensitive people as well as for prolonged contact with your intimacy in general. With unparalleled durability and ease of care, it has a long lifespan which makes your switch to period panties worthwhile in the long run. At Elia, we've combined it with a touch of elastane for added comfort (97% organic cotton and 3% elastane) and excellent elasticity to fit your shape.

The properties of eucalyptus fiber

This fabric has many properties: sensation of freshness, neutralizes odors, absorption of moisture while remaining dry on the surface... So many qualities that we seek in our menstrual lingerie.

the zero leakage asset
The properties of PUL

Intravertable and waterproof, our leakproof PUL is resistant to repeated washings. That's why we find this leak-proof material in menstrual panties but also in cloth diapers, nursing pads...

a guaranteed origin
The eco-responsible eucalyptus fiber

The eucalyptus fiber we use in our menstrual lingerie technology is made in Austria from wood grown in European forests. Their controlled resource conservation process and the low irrigation required to grow the eucalyptus makes it a material with less impact on the environment.

This is why at Elia we have chosen to work with eucalyptus, rather than bamboo which is often used in absorbent fabrics. Bamboo, victim of massive deforestation, did not reflect our values, and we wanted to offer you the most responsible products possible on the whole chain.

Organic farming
High quality organic cotton

Our cotton comes from the cultivation of the cotton plant, which is mainly carried out in Turkey (renowned for its organic cotton cultivation). One of the advantages of organic cotton is that it requires less water to produce.

France is also just starting to produce organic cotton and we are trying to source it in the future on our local market, but today the volumes are insufficient. The weaving from this yarn is however entirely done in France, in our workshops.

Like the rest of our materials, it is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This guarantees that our cotton is free of toxic products for the body and the environment. The use of organic cotton certifies the absence of pesticides in our panties and a more responsible agriculture.