The Elia training panty

To make potty training your baby a breeze

The first training pants in organic cotton, made in France
To ensure your back and those of your little ones.

We have developed a whole range of panties with magical powers that will help the little ones in the acquisition of potty training. For a stress-free and smoother transition between diapers and the big boys' panties.

Our panties are made in our French workshops. They are ultra absorbent, invisible and very soft.

Help your little one to go to the potty or the toilet more easily.
Your child's first diaper is available from 18 months to 4 years.

The benefits of training pants for your child

- The panty slips on like a regular panty
- The training panty stops pee and poo leaks and helps your child identify the need to go to the potty
- The training panty encourages your little one to wear a panty more calmly without fear of urinating and staining their clothes

The Elia technology
How does it work?

Our training pants are made of 4 layers of innovative fabrics to keep your child dry.

Learn to be clean in complete serenity

The book of Little Bun Bao

Marie Cao, aka LittleBunBao on social networks is a former French sign language interpreter for children. She is the mother of two little girls. Trained in child development psychology, she shares her knowledge: signs! She is the author of a book on potty training to discover this learning process by signing.


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