The best books for potty training your child

For become cleana child must be able to control his or her body, but also feel psychologically ready. L'learning to potty train begins naturally around the age of 2 and can last several months. For guide your baby gently to the pottyyou can thereforeencourage by telling him/her fun stories featuring his favorite heroes. Want to know what the best potty training potty training books ? Check out our 10 favorites!

Why buy a book to potty train your child?

The reading is an activity that has many benefits for benefits for young children. It allows them to develop their language and to discover the world world around them in a playful way. A source of fun, books are nonetheless excellent educational tools.

For introduce your child to potty training and make it easier for them to learn, you can buy a book specially designed to help your child go to the potty. This type of book has the advantage of containing stories that will allow baby to the path to potty training.. He will be able to discover how to become potty-trained while de-dramatizing the situation. Everyone must learn to to pee or poop on the potty or toileteven their favorite heroes!

The books also offer young parents tips and advice onpotty training. Others have been designed by authors who have gone through this stage with their child or have benefited from the expertise of psychologists.

How to use a potty training book?

A potty training book can be used in a variety of ways to potty training your toddler. If your child is beginning to show an interest in the potty and asks for a book while he's sitting there, take advantage of it! He'll associate this action with a fun play time and feel more confident feel more confident to relieve himself naturally. Don't hesitate to stay with him if he wants and tell him a story tell him a story about this about this acquisition.

If your child is not interested in the toiletyou can use a potty training book to encourage them to go to the bathroom. In this case, you can read a book to your child that will help him or her how the toilet works and reassure them about and reassure him about this natural natural stage of his development. Babies love to be told the same story several times. So remember to read it to him often so that he can assimilate it well and be more serene about the situation.


Top 10 potty training books

To guide your child gently on the the road to potty trainingHere are the 10 must-have titles we've selected for you.

1. Goodbye diapers!

Goodbye diapers! tells the story of the little Boo who wants to to pee and poop like the grown-ups. With the help of her mom and dad, she experiments step by step with cleanliness and discover the potty with confidence.

This book was designed by Marie Caoaka LittleBunBao on social networks. Former sign language interpreter, this mom shares her tips and offers 20 signed keywords on potty training.

2. Caillou - The Potty

Over 300,000 copies sold since its release in 1999, Caillou - The Potty remains a reference book on cleanliness. Developed from reflections of Françoise DoltoIt uses a varied vocabulary and is perfectly adapted to young children. It is an ideal book to accompany your child at best while helping him to to play down the "little accidents.

Now that he knows how to walk and play by himself, Caillou receives a pot as a gift from his mother. He quickly understands its usefulness thanks to the explanations and and encouragement of his parents.. Caillou decides toto take off his diaper. One day, while he is too busy having fun, he forgets to go to the potty and and does his business in his underpants... Daddy and Mommy reassure him however and the little boy quickly becomes clean.

3. Little Brown Bear and the potty

Little Brown Bear and the Potty relates the adventures of the famous bear cub in his quest for cleanliness. This book contains two touching adventures that you can tell your baby to help him get acquainted with his new potty.

The first story, Little Brown Bear empties his pottyour hero who is already potty trained and no longer needs and no longer needs diapers at night.. After having peed in his potty pee in his pottyhe empties its contents into the toiletand flushes the flush and rinses it himself. The second, entitled Little Brown Bear is very busydescribes a situation that all children children all children have experienced at one time or another. Little Brown Bear is so happy to play that he doesn't take the time to go to the potty and ends up wetting his pants... Fortunately, daddy and mommy are there to change him and comfort him.

4. I'm going to the potty with the Patrol

The Patrol is your child's favorite cartoon? So don't hesitate to go to your bookstore and buy I'm going potty with the Patrol. You will be able to accompany him in his potty training thanks to his heroes heroes.

In this book, the Pat' Patrol is given a brand new mission! She has to help Claudia and Carlos to overcome their fear of leave their diapers for to go to the potty. This rhythmic and colorful story has everything to please and remains ideal to encourage baby à to become a grown-up.

5. T'choupi goes on the potty

T'choupi is an endearing character that little ones can easily identify with. After having read this album, your child will know all about the potty and its use. He will also become familiar with the toilet and the role of the famous flush.

T'choupi goes to the potty relates a new adventure of the young penguin who decides to try to pee on the potty. From the first attempt, he succeeds! His daddy gives him the authorization to pour the content of the potty in the toilet and to activate the flush by himself. While T'choupi is playing in the garden, he then has an urgent urge. He goes to the bathroom, but the potty has disappeared... His daddy sits him on the big boys' bowl so that he can relieve himself.

6. No potty, Leo!

No potty, Leo! is a fun and fun and playful book published by L'école des loisirs. We discover a small tale featuring a dog who finds himself in front of a strange object with four legs. After having noticed that this one does not speak, he decides to offer it to his friend Leo. The little boy immediately recognizes that it is a pot and explains to him how to use it.

7. That's it!

That's it! is a book based on repetition that will appeal to your child from the cover. He will be able to touch the little crocodile that is printed in relief and and will undoubtedly want to know more.

Each page is dedicated to an animal (mouse, rabbit, elephant, crocodile...) that wiggles because of a pressing urge. These animals no longer wear diapers, so they decide to sit on the potty or the toilet bowl. After having pee or poothey do not forget of course to to wash their hands carefully. Your little one will thus learn the first rules of hygiene and will be able to engage serenely on the the road to cleanliness.

8. Toutouille goes on the potty

Toutouille goes on the potty is an album for children who children who refuse to take off their diaper even though they would be able to do so. Its dialogues all in rhyme remain very funny and encourage your toddler to use the potty.

In this story, Toutouille the cat continues to wear diapers because he finds it more practical. Carafe the giraffe, his cuddly toy, doesn't think so at all. All their friends at the daycare center move away from them because of the bad smells. Toutouille is finally convinced and succeeds in to do his business on the potty.

9. Lionel poops

Lionel the lion is the hero of a collection of books dealing in a humorous way with situations specific to early childhood (autonomy, opposition, anger...). In Lionel makes poopbaby will follow the adventures of a lion cub who does his business in unusual places. If you want to learn aboutpotty training with your child from in a light-hearted and offbeat wayThis story is perfect for you!

10. Timoté goes potty

The last book of this top 10 features the little rabbit Timotéwho is determined to learn how to to use his brand new potty. You can read this story to your baby as soon as he or she reaches18 months old. Easy to understand, it will help prepare him to be potty trained and will encourage him to gradually abandon his diapers.

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