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Potty training is just as important as learning to talk or walk. To ensure that this learning process runs as smoothly as possible, there are simple methods to help you adopt the right reflexes andbe well prepared.

Independent potty training starts at 18 months, but this depends on the age of each child. Some children will only be ready from the age of 2 or 4.

Why potty train your child with games?

Playing potty-training games makes it easier for your child, but also for you, to make it fun and enjoyable.

L'toilet traininginvolves simple things like :

  • Establishinga routine: your child goes to the potty at specific times of the day, for example when he wakes up, after or before eating, after or before naptime, etc. This helps him recognize his body's signals;
  • Get him used to washing his hands after going to the potty.

Our 5 potty-training play ideas

Now that you've decided to potty train your child, you can decide which game(s ) you're going to incorporate into your routine with your child.

Treasure hunt: find the objects to go potty!

You can organize a treasure hunt of all the objects needed to go potty: wipes, toilet paper, soap, etc. The aim is for your child to recognize each essential potty-training object, learn their uses and eventually know how to go potty on his own.

Potty race: who'll get there first?

When you see your child waddling off to relieve himself, it's time to start the potty race. You can even invent a key word for him to use when he wants to go and start the potty race.

Bathroom decoration: make it fun!

It's very important for your child to feel at ease and in a caring atmosphere when potty training. That's why you can decorate your bathroom to make it a fun part of the house. You can set up a chest with toys or books near the potty. books near the pottyYou can put a potty box with toys or books near the potty, decorations on the ceiling, etc. - in short, a whole host of elements to make the potty area more attractive and create a space that makes him want to go there more often.

Potty chart: a reward at stake!

The potty chart can be a fun and highly effective method of potty training your child. All you have to do is create a chart with all the days of the week on it, and all your child has to do is stick a sticker on the corresponding day when he or she has gone potty. You can also create reward boxes that your child will reach after completing the other boxes first.

Let your imagination run wild

You can also create your own games with your child, based on the activities he or she enjoys most, or his or her cuddly toys. It's up to you to find what works best for your child, according to his or her desires and imagination.

How do you know if your child is ready to learn potty training through play?

Not all children are ready to be potty-trained at the same time. To find out if your child is ready for potty training, here are a few signs to look out for:

  • His diaper remains dry for a long time (several hours);
  • He relieves himself at regular times;
  • He knows how to express his needs and desires, and tells you when he wants to go potty;
  • He is interested in the subject, asks you to go to the toilet or comes with you;
  • He can sit upright;
  • He can follow simple instructions.

What attitude should I adopt during potty training games?

Potty training and the abandonment of diapers are major milestones for children. The role of the parent is to accompany them through this process, to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

The most important thing in this process is to remain patient. As with any learning process, accidents are bound to happen, and this is perfectly normal. There's no point in being negative or punitive: you need to remain optimistic and keep encouraging your child.

Ideally, potty training should become something fun. Above all, you mustn't force your child, as this could cause him or her to lose his or her temper.

Don't forget to praise your child, not just when he succeeds in going potty, but also when he lets you know he wants to, even if it's sometimes too late.

FAQs on potty training games

What are the benefits of potty training games?

Potty training games make the transition from diaper to potty more fun, and help your child through the process.

Which activities are best for potty training?

The most important thing is to choose activities that will make potty training more pleasant and fun for your child, whatever activity you choose. The potty training chart is a very simple way to get your child potty trained.

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