#Testimony : My period with menstrual panties

#Témoignage : Mes règles avec les culottes menstruelles

It is in Marseille that we met Margaux, 29 years old Export Manager in the textile field. She accepted to tell us how our Elia menstrual panties have simplified her daily life.

Like thousands of other women, Margaux did not feel comfortable with the protections she was using, and wished to turn to other solutions.

"I was a little tired of throwing away my panties every time I had my period. Between the stains and the little plastic stickers that I could never get off, I had to throw away dozens of panties. Then the comfort too: the sanitary napkins burned my groin, every other time, my tampon was badly positioned and bothered me "

What are the remaining solutions... The cup? That didn't tempt her. "I've never tried it, but I don't like the idea of having a foreign plastic body in my body.

It all started with Julie, her sister-in-law, who suffered from very heavy and irregular periods. When Margaux wanted to try a new type of menstrual protection, she turned to Julie.

"It is the top of the menstrual panties, the Rolls Royce of the hygienic protection said to me Julie " tells us Margaux, amused. "She had apparently tried several other brands of panties, but the Elia was the most comfortable and healthy solution for her..

Convinced by so much enthusiasm, she let herself be tempted by the adventure!

Margaux confides to us that she hesitated for a long time before taking the plunge. "There were 3 points that slowed me down: the smell, the washing, and the leaks".

What you should not ignore is that the smell comes from the bacteria present in the stagnant, humid blood. With the absorbent eucalyptus fiber zone of Elia menstrual panties, there is no bad odor because the bacteria simply do not have time to develop. In fact, the eucalyptus fiber has antibacterial properties that neutralize odors for up to 12 hours, which also provides a fresh feeling. There is also no risk of toxic shock syndrome with our lingerie.

"I was a little apprehensive about having to hand rinse them. It might be silly, I know, but I was a little squeamish about it... But actually, I don't mind at all. Maybe because it's my body after all, but I don't find it dirty. I wash them quite naturally. I also found all the washingon Elia's website :)"

One of the last points that Margaux was apprehensive about;, leaking which is a real nightmare for her during her period and often makes her paranoid! "It has nothing to do with a normal panty in terms of absorption! Finally, after more than a year of use, I have never had any leakage, so I don't ask myself the question anymore "

Once Margaux's fears and doubts were annihilated, she confided to us that she felt much freer. "The first two or three times I used them at home, I was afraid of leaking, and now I'm reliving it! It's soft like a regular panty actually, but absorbent like a tampon. Frankly, I'm much more serene!"

At the end of our interview with Margaux, we asked her how she uses, washes and cares for her menstrual lingerie. She explained that when she gets out of the shower, she puts it on and gets dressed. "Like a classic panties".

Concerning the washing, Margaux also explains us that after having worn it several hours, and at the time of taking its shower, she rinses it abundantly in its wash-hand basin, until the water is clear. "It can take me 1 to 2 minutes of rinsing". Once the water is clear, she wrings it out and puts it unfolded in her laundry bag. "I wash it within 24 hours usually, so that the wet panties don't sit in my dirty laundry basket for too long.". She also tells us that she only puts one pair of panties in each wash bag so that they are not overly crushed and washed well. "For the drying, as for the other clothes, I hang it. However, I avoid putting a clothespin on the absorbent area so as not to damage it ".

We are delighted to have helped Margaux find what best suits her in terms of sanitary protection.

"I have 2 Philomène panties and I keep them on for 12 hours during the day. The first days of my cycle are not resistant to them. All my discharge is absorbed. When I was using tampons and pads, I changed every 3 hours or so. Not necessarily because it was necessary for the flow, but for the comfort and the smell: I could not see myself keeping a tampon more than two or three hours in a row. With menstrual panties, I don't have anymore this unpleasant feeling of humidity that I had before ".

Having said that, Margaux admits to us all the same that her 2 panties are not enough for her. She therefore ordered 2 other ARMANDE shorty, more absorbent, to be more comfortable the first night of her cycle. "Ideally, and in order to be totally serene when it comes to washing, I think I would need about ten of them. But I'm building up my stock little by little.

We thank Margaux for her time and her testimony, and we are delighted to have been able to help her feel better every day.

We want every woman to feel good and comfortable during this time of the month, and if we have contributed even a little to your comfort, then it's all worth it for us!

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