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Harmonie Mutuelle, Yvon and Elia

offer to their members from 18 to 25 years old the possibility to order free of charge a menstrual panty Elia. A unique operation shared by 2 health actors and a French brand committed to the health of all.

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Harmonie Mutuelle et Yvon

Nos objectifs sont de :

- Soutenir le pouvoir d’achat de nos adhérents et notamment des plus jeunes et des étudiants,
- Agir sur la santé et le bien-être de nos adhérents avec une protection périodique durable et saine
- S'engager pour l’environnement, la consommation locale et raisonnable.

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To benefit from this operation, please contact your mutual insurance company and fill in the eligibility conditions via your member area to apply for free menstrual panties and receive a code to use on our website.

Offer a sustainable, economical and ecological solution

Accompanying our members during their period

With an Elia menstrual panty, save 608 € in 5 years and make a step for the environment by avoiding to throw 1 955 sanitary protections
in the nature.

organic menstrual lingerie made in france
Harmonie Mutuelle and Yvon have chosen Elia

With a very strong CSR approach, Elia has been offering menstrual panties for 3 years. Pioneer in the sector, the company has designed its products with researchers, textile engineers and health professionals to offer a product as healthy as possible: allergenic, anti-bacterial, without endocrine disruptors in contact with the skin, ultra absorbent, without leakage and odorless.

Today the brand is certified Origine France Garantie, France Textile, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and some of its workshops are living heritage companies. The company is involved in the fight against endometriosis, breast cancer and the hospitals of Paris. Elia is also part of the convention of companies for the climate by committing to reduce its carbon footprint.

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The panties offered by Harmonie Mutuelle and Yvon

Our panties are designed to fit all types of flow. The cotton yarn is organic, our products are certified Origine France Garantie, France Textile, organic and Oekotex standard. It is essential for us to ensure the traceability of fabrics via external certifications in order to respect strict sanitary, environmental and societal standards.

The inside and outside of the panty are made of organic cotton, which is very important for the health of the intimate area. The absorbent zone is made of Tencel, a fabric obtained from the transformation of eucalyptus wood.

The health of our members as a priority

Putting an end to menstrual insecurity

This project is a step forward to reinforce the prevention actions of the mutual insurance company. Harmonie Mutuelle and Yvon also offer, through Elia, a health platform that includes nearly 300 contents animated by health professionals, doctors, midwives, gynecologists!

The idea is to put an end to the menstrual precariousness by lack of means, to promote an information around the health of the women the most veracious possible what will allow them to take care of themselves near a professional of health, to create employment in France while supporting a reasoned production and consumption, a weak carbon footprint.

An Elia menstrual panty lasts between 5 and 7 years. We realized on the site of the brand a simple calculation. By donating an Elia menstrual panty, each member will save 608 € in 5 years and will not use 1955 sanitary protections.

A question about your period?

Health professionals and experts will accompany you!

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