The best applications for rules ! Free and paid

Improve your sleep rhythm, decipher the composition of your food, calculate your number of steps per day, today technology is clearly put at the service of our health. Moreover, many applications now allow women to track their menstrual cycles, and in particular their periods.

What is a period app?

A period app will allow you to follow your cycle and especially to anticipate the arrival of your period from your smartphone. The features will differ depending on the app, but overall, there are some common features once downloaded on your phone: reminder to take the pill, tracking the different phases of the menstrual cycle: period, follicular phase, ovulation period, ovulation, luteal phase ...

By entering information about your cycle, the algorithm can predict your next menstrual flow, when your PMS will fall, when you are the most fertile etc...

Whether you are planning to get pregnant or you are practicing symptothermy or simply want to know when your next period is coming, knowing your menstrual cycle is always interesting as a woman. It is often not something easy but the apps dedicated to menstrual tracking make it easier.

Very useful for women's health and to improve their well-being, today we offer you a focus on the best apps for periods and menstrual cycle calculation!

What are the best applications for menstruation?

Among the flood of apps that exist, some are free, others are paid. Some are also more focused on fertility and pregnancy plans, while others will rather focus on monitoring contraception and sex life for example.


This app allows you to directly fill in what you want to focus on: pregnancy plans and fertility monitoring, cycle monitoring etc...

The main advantage of this application is that it allows you to generate graphs from your information. This then allows you to have an overview of your cycle length, weight evolution, sleep and PMS symptoms.

The application also allows you to include daily reminders for your pill for example.

Period Calendar & Tracker

Period Calendar & Tracker works the same way as Clue: by filling in some of your personal information and indicating the changes you face during the month: moods, losses, pains etc. You also receive a notification informing you of the date of your period.

The application is only in English.

The little extra: it is possible to customize the color of your calendar.


This is an emblematic application for tracking menstrual phases! It is very complete and offers multiple features. It is an app that was developed by a Danish entrepreneur, Ida Tin, who could not find a solution that met her expectations for tracking her cycle.

She then developed Clue. The use of this application is very simple, you just have to enter your moods, pains, feelings, motivations, libidos, white discharge, PMS symptoms, the duration of your menstrual flow, the date of your last period, your height, your weight, your age, the method of contraception you use etc...

The data provided by users are, if they wish, used by research laboratories to improve the condition of women. The application is available on iOS and Android.

My Calendar Period Tracker

My Calendar Period Tracker is a well-known application with more than 70 million users. Its operation is quite classic as for the others. The information you enter when downloading the application, and then throughout the cycle by feeding it, allows the application to better predict your next cycles and different menstrual phases.


Like Flo, Glow offers a different tracking depending on whether you want to conceive a child or not. But that's not all!

The most inclusive is Glow. Indeed, it allows people who wish to do so, to identify themselves as "male user", because let's remember, men can also have their period.

The application is very interesting because it also has a community aspect by allowing users to interact with each other on a dedicated forum.

The little plus: this menstruation application also has a self love side by sending motivating messages every day.

However, the application is only available in English!


Eve is also a period tracking application. But it differs by several things:

It offers a whole bunch of resources that aim to help women live better with their periods. Multiple articles, tips, and fun quizzes on women's sex life are available.

There is also a discussion space so that users can help each other.

The app is available only in English, on iOS and Android.

You can use the apps to better live your whole life as a woman: whether you are pregnant or not, whether you are on the pill or not.

Our comparison of free and paid period apps

Here is a comparison table of the main period apps, both paid and free, so you can easily compare them and find the one that suits you best.





  • menstruation prediction tools
  • period, ovulation and PMS reminders
  • pill reminders
  • pregnancy monitoring when you are pregnant
  • fertility tracking
  • tracking of sex life, physical symptoms related to the cycle, your moods, cervical mucus and basal body temperature (31 categories to track)

Free but pay subscription to Clue Plus for more content


  • track sexual activity, moods and symptoms
  • fertility tracking
  • menstruation prediction tools
  • exchanges and discussions with other members of the Eve community.

Free but some features are not free


  • menstrual calendar
  • forum for exchanges between users
  • tracking of 40 different health signals
  • cycle and fertility tracking

Free but some features are not free


  • period tracking
  • tracking of cycle and different symptoms
  • lifestyle tracking
  • ovulation calculator and pregnancy calendar
  • reminders


Subscription for personalized content

Period app FAQ

What is the best app for menstruation?

There are a multitude of them to track your cycle and the arrival of your period, such as Flo, Period Calendar & Tracker, Glow, Clue, Eve... Each application has strengths and weaknesses depending on what you are looking for (getting to know your body, baby project, knowing the dates of your period etc). It's up to you to test and download the one that suits you!

The best application for menstruation will be the one you use the best!

Are period apps free?

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