Should I practice sports during my period?

Should I practice sports during my period?
Do you often wonder if exercising during your period is a good idea?
But you don't necessarily know the benefits (and yes, there are some). You are more likely to see the disadvantages (how to be well protected? What to wear?), and motivation is rarely at its highest in these cases. Pain and fatigue may also make you want to stay in bed or on the couch with a hot water bottle in these cases. However, physical activity will help. 

What are the benefits of physical activity during your period?

During your sports session, your blood flow will increase, especially in the pelvic area, which will oxygenate your muscles and thus reduce menstrual pain. Sport will also allow you to release endorphins (the famous happy hormones) during the session, thus reducing pain and stress. However, you will need to exercise for at least 30 minutes to feel these benefits. 
However, if you have an abnormally excessive flow and a risk of anemia (reduction of red blood cells which causes a state of weakness), we recommend that you consult a doctor who will be able to give you advice adapted to your situation (prescription of iron and supplements which kind of physical activity you should practice).

What sports can you do during your period?

Now that you know the advantages of sports during your period, all that remains is to choose the one you prefer: Yoga, walking, dancing, swimming (gently), cardio ... Of course this list is not exhaustive, and choose the one that suits you. However, for impact sports such as boxing, it is strongly recommended to go easy to avoid receiving an uppercut to the stomach, which could hurt you. 
Furthermore, if you suffer from extremely heavy periods (menorrhagia), it is best to avoid intense physical activities, such as kickboxing, for example. Instead, try to stay active by going for a good walk or a bike ride. 

What to wear for sports during your period? 

Now that you've found the motivation and chose an activity, all that's left is to get ready to go. During your period, you are more prone to chafing, so we recommend that you wear 100% organic cotton underwear with perspiration. Also, during your session you will be sweating, so opt for sportswear that is not too tight and that you are comfortable in. Once you've finished your workout, take a shower (which will do you a world of good) and don't forget to change your sanitary protection. 
Of course, period panties are a very suitable sanitary protection for sports. At Elia we exclusively offer organic cotton in contact with your most delicate parts, perfect to practice sports in complete peace of mind during your period. 
However, if you have decided to go swimming, we recommend that you use an organic cotton cup or tampon. But keep a pair of Elia panties in your bag after you've finished your breaststroke, so that once you've rinsed off you can enjoy all the comfort again without the inconvenience of conventional pads.
You are now ready to exercise during your period !

Elia period panties are more confortable than tampons and they avoid toxic choc syndrome

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