periods early: is this normal?

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Having periods late is distressing, but having them early can be surprising and make you wonder if all is well. In this article, we look at the possible causes of periods and when medical advice may be useful s.

periods in advance: should we s'worry?

First of all, don't worry: there's nothing to worry about with periods . It can happen to any woman; in fact, 30% of women will never have a regular period in their lives. If you notice variations in your cycle and your periods are early, don't hesitate to note the dates to see how often this happens. This way, you can tell your gynecologist at your next appointment and get his or her opinion.

Why do periods arrive early?

A shorter-than-usual menstrual cycle can have many causes, as the duration of periods can vary from month to month. Let's take a look at the most common.

A biological change

Over the course of her life, a woman will experience a number of biological changes. First of all, at the start of periods, menstruation is often irregular. The quantity of hormones released in the body takes a little time to stabilize, which can lead to early or late menstruation periods . The menopause also influences the length of the menstrual cycle. The periods may be 10 or 15 days early at this time, alternating with very long cycles. Earlier periods cycles are sometimes a sign of pregnancy, in which case they take the form of a small amount of bleeding known as periods .

A change in body shape or lifestyle

Weight has a strong impact on periods. It's not uncommon for periods to become irregular, or even to stop altogether, in the event of major weight loss. Sport can also be a factor. LPhysical exercise releases a host of hormones, notably endorphins and dopamine, which can influence the cycle. A disruption in routine, such as a trip, can also upset menstruation, because the biological clock is out of sync.

A major source of stress

Stress causes chemical changes in the body, again through hormones. Cortisol, for example, can interrupt the secretion of reproductive hormones, thus disrupting the menstrual cycle. lNote that stress can cause periods both early and late.

A chronic disorder or infection

Last but not least, an early periods may indicate an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection), or illnesses such as ovarian cysts or tumors. So don't hesitate to ask your doctor for advice lat your annual check-ups. If any other symptoms are present, consult your doctor immediately.

How can you tell the difference between periods and spotting?

Outside the periods of periods, it's common to experience small spottings. These are often brown, as the blood is present in small quantities and takes a long time to evacuate, stagnating in the vagina. It then comes into contact with air and oxidizes. Spottings generally last 1 or 2 days, unlike periods , which lasts as long as periods .

If spotting is frequent and you are not using hormonal contraception, it may be a s'hormonal imbalance. hormonal imbalance (in the sense of a progesterone deficiency). If this is a frequent occurrence, it may be worth discussing it with specialists in cycle disorders general practitioner, gynecologist or midwife. Sometimes dieticians, nutritionists or even naturopaths can also help you in this type of situation.

Is it possible to have periods early on the pill?

periods while on the pill are not "real" periods. In fact, the pill contains hormones, and when it is stopped for a few days, blood loss is caused by withdrawal bleeding. The body no longer receives the usual hormones, and this causes blood loss. periods " can occur if the pill is not taken regularly. LIn this case, withdrawal bleeding occurs earlier than expected.

Women with very irregular cycles may be prescribed the pill to remedy this problem.

How can I protect myself from periods in advance?

If you're prone to periods in advance, you can use external protection a few days before the "usual" start of your period. A panty liner, for example, will spare your underwear, but it's not necessarily advisable to wear one too often during the month. L period pants is the ideal choice. It's comfortable and, above all, very practical to use, just like classic underwear. At Elia, we offer many different models to suit your needs. Light flow panties are ideal for this situation.

Not necessarily very pleasant, early periods are nevertheless not serious and can have various causes. To avoid unpleasant surprises, put your trust in Elia panties.

Early bird FAQ periods

Is it possible to get periods 10 days in advance?

Yes, it's quite possible, especially for women approaching menopause. Hormonal imbalances can cause delays of 10 or even 15 days.

What causes early periods ?

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