How can you shorten your periods naturally? Explanations and tips

Shortening periods, making sure they last as little time as possible, is a real challenge that all menstruating women try to win at some point in their lives. For some people, having shorter periods is even an obsession, especially for those suffering from endometriosis or abnormally long periods. We wondered how we could reduce them, and if possible, naturally.

How long does periods usually last?

On average, the duration of periods for an adult not using contraception such as the pill or IUD is 5 to 8 days. This length may vary from one person to another. The menstrual period corresponds to the number of consecutive days in the menstrual cycle when the person will have a discharge, whether the blood flow is abundant or light. If you have an intra-uterine device (copper IUD, for example), the length of your period can be extended. On the other hand, protection such as a patch, ring, hormonal IUD or pillcan shorten periods.

During adolescence, the menstrual period at the time of the first periods (menarche) can be very unpredictable. During adolescence, the typical length may be 2 to 7 days. Menstrual cycles extend over a period of 20 to 30 days.

Is it possible to shorten periods naturally?

For those who don't use contraception and want to shorten their periods naturally, there are a number of more or less successful methods. For those who suffer from heavy or painful periods, here's a non-exhaustive list of tried-and-tested solutions for shorter periods.

Regular physical activity

To shorten your periods and reduce pain in particular, sport and physical activity are good practices to have during your cycle because they have several benefits:

  • improve general health and ease menstrual flow
  • faster evacuation of blood from inside the uterus
  • reduce water retention
  • reduce bloating, cramps and pain

Some women who take part in strenuous sports activities even manage, without necessarily wanting to, to stop having periods at all. This can also have a negative effect on fertility.

Make love for shorter periods

It's possible to reduce your periods by making love! Yes, yes, you read that right :) When awoman orgasms, her uterus contracts. The more the uterus contracts, the faster the blood is expelled and the shorter the period. In other words, the uterine lining will detach more quickly, allowing you to have a shorter period. To avoid spotting during intercourse, we recommend you practice special positions such as the missionary position.

Adopt a balanced diet to reduce periods

To naturally shorten your periods, you can opt for a balanced diet throughout your menstrual cycle. This will ensure that you do not suffer from essential mineral deficiencies. Eating a balanced diet is a good technique, but it's also a way of life, and the key to better physical health and fitness. Vitamin B6, found in eggs, fish and poultry, is very good for reducing the body's estrogen levels and increasing progesterone. These nutrients help the pituitary gland to function better and normalize hormones. Magnesium intake can also potentially help shorten long, painful menstrual flows.

Vitamin C or homeopathy to shorten your periods naturally

For shorter periods periods, you can take vitamin C, through fruit, vegetables or supplements, which will help eliminate progesterone in the uterus, making it easier for it to contract and expel the mucous membrane. These uterine contractions will help your body free up blood flow and shorten their duration. LHomeopathy can also help. Don't hesitate to ask a homeopath or doctor for the best advice!

Free instinctive flow for periods that lasts less time

Does free instinctive flow shorten periods ? Yes, if practised throughout the period of blood loss, it can help shorten the duration. By controlling its flow with the help of the perineum, you can also facilitate the expulsion of blood present in the vagina more quickly and reduce the duration of its periods. Blood will take less time to evacuate than when using a sanitary napkin, where the perineum makes no effort to contract in order to retain or evacuate it.

LDoes the use of contraception shorten the duration of periods ?

For those who suffer from very long, heavy periods periods, it is possible to use a contraceptive method to reduce their length, make them less heavy or stop them altogether. The latter are blocked or reduced with hormonal contraception, which blocks ovulation and nidation by stopping the menstrual cycle: bleeding occurs on days when no hormones are taken.


FAQ for shortening periods

Is it possible to shorten the duration of periods ?

It's perfectly possible to shorten your menstrual period. Whether through natural methods such as vitamin C, herbs or homeopathy, or through physical or sexual activity. It is also possible to shorten menstruation by using a hormonal contraceptive.

How can periods be made to last less time?

There are several ways to shorten the duration of your period. There are natural methods that enable the body to expel blood residues from the uterus more quickly, as well as medical methods that regulate hormones and thus the production of the endometrium, which is responsible for periods. Always consult a health professional if your blood loss is too heavy, hemorrhagic or lasts too long.

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