Having your periods twice a month: is this normal?

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The periods an integral part of women's lives. So, when we notice any disturbance in our cycle, however slight, it's normal to be concerned. One of the most common disturbances is having your periods twice a month. But how is this possible? We tell you all about it in this article!


Is it possible to have periods twice in the same month?

The average menstrual cycle lasts 28 days. However, it can happen that your periods are irregularThey come either earlier or later. And in some cases, it's possible to have periods twice a month.

periods irregular puberty

At puberty, when the menstrual cycle begins, it's common to menstruate twice a month. Hormones are in a state of upheaval, so the menstrual cycle is not regular. Everything's normal, don't panic! In addition to irregular flows, at puberty you may also experience periods more pain, more PMS, in short: a less pleasant menstrual cycle.

Menstrual cycle of 24 days or less

As mentioned above, the average cycle lasts 28 days. So if you have your periods twice a month, it's just possible that you have a short cycle. Some women have a shorter cycle than others, who have a longer cycle.

To find out the length of your cycles, simply note the date of your menstrual flow at the start of each period. On the other hand, if your cycle is shorter than 20 days, or longer than 40, it's a good idea to consult your doctor, midwife or gynaecologist. 

periods twice a month or spotting: how to tell the difference?

Unlike periodic flux spotting is a very specific type of bleeding, based on low-intensity bleeding that can last for several days or even months. Spotting occurs outside the periods period, but should not be confused with periods . 

Other types of bleeding that are not periodic bleeding can also occur during the cycle. These include s 

  • the presence of a polyp
  • irritation of the cervix l
  • unsuitable contraception
  • or even an ovulatory problem

If you have any doubts about your bleeding, and if this happens repeatedly, consult your gynecologist. A gynecologist is a specialist in lthe female genital tract, and will be able to help and support you. 

How do you manage several periods feeds per month?

When you find yourself having these periods several times a month, or bleeding several times during your cycle, it can be complicated to manage this period calmly. Fortunately, there are some easy-to-follow tips to help you get through these periods.

Change for the period pants

One of the easiest and most life-changing solutions when you don't know when your periods will arrive is: the period pants. It's a much more eco-friendly means of hygienic protection than disposable pads. It's also a much healthier alternative: you can wear it every day (handy if you don't know when your periods will fall!), without feeling damp, uncomfortable or embarrassed!

Choosing a hormonal contraceptive method

If you have irregular or short cycles, before choosing a hormonal hormonal contraceptionyou can adopt the healthiest lifestyle possible. Stress, diet and sleep can all have an effect on our hormones and therefore on our cycle.

Sometimes it's possible to find natural solutions to cycle problems. Your gynaecological health professional can help, but you can also talk to a nutritionist, dietician or even a naturopath.

Depending on the reason for bleeding 2 times a month, the solution will be different. SFor example, if it's a problem with the uterus, treatment may be the cause.

If no organic cause can be found, and we are naturally unable to regulate our cycles, then hormonal contraception may be proposed to you, or modified if you already have one.

Note that contraception doesn't solve the cause of short cycles, but it does solve the problem, in other words, it artificially regulates your cycles to make life easier.

Talk to your caregiver to find the solution that best suits your situation and preferences.


Double FAQ periods within a month

Why do my periods repeat twice in the same month?

Some women experience bleeding twice a month. There are many reasons for this: short cycles, spotting, stress, unsuitable contraception...

Should s'worry about having your periods twice a month?

The menstrual cycle generally lasts every 28 days. If your periods arrive several times a month, every 24 days, it simply means that you have a shorter-than-average cycle! As a matter of principle, it's a good idea to discuss this with your gynecological health professional: your gynecologist, midwife or general practitioner.


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