Why wear period panties when you have yeast infections?

Pourquoi porter des culottes de règles quand on a des mycoses ?
In collaboration with Lea Wauquier, Doctor of Pharmacy

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Itching, swollen labia, dyspareunia, white discharge with a "curdled milk" effect: if you have these symptoms, you're probably one of the 75% of people affected by mycosis. Recurrent mycoses (4 or more per year) can considerably impair a woman's quality of life. Our advice: consult a health professional if you have these symptoms.

What is a mycosis?

Mycoses are generally caused by a fungus, Candida Albicans🍄, which is naturally present in our vaginal microbiota. Under normal circumstances, its growth is limited by our immune system and, together with other bacteria, it acts as a barrier against infection.

Vaginal mycoses are very common and can be treated fairly well, by taking an ovule and applying a cream. If, however, the burning and itching symptoms persist, it's important to seek medical advice to determine the cause and obtain appropriate treatment.

However, certain factors can encourage the development and recurrence of mycosis, such as hormonal changes (the pill, pregnancy, menopause), corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, antibiotics, wearing tight-fitting clothing, inadequate intimate hygiene, stress, digestive dysbiosis and vaginal dryness.

Don't wear wet underwear! Moisture encourages the growth of bacteria.

Our tips for preventing vaginal mycosis

To avoid vaginal mycoses, Léa advises us to use a suitable soap with a basic or neutral PH, to use lubricant during intercourse, to change your internal protection regularly, especially if it involves tampons, to wash your underwear well, to wear organic cotton underwear as much as possible and to take suitable probiotics that have been recommended by a health professional! You should also review your diet, avoiding sugar, sweeteners, yeast (soy sauce, cider, beer), acidic vegetables and fruit, alcohol, cold meats and fatty products.

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During your period, use Elia menstrual panties made from organic cotton, which is totally hypoallergenic. In fact, cotton lets your vaginal microbiota breathe and prevents bacteria from developing! Wash your panties after each use and don't wear them until they're dry!

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