How to relieve back pain while teleworking?

Comment soulager les douleurs de dos en télé-travail ?

With the various confinements, telecommuting has become very widespread. Whether you've set up an office in your home or work from your couch, the question remains the same: how to avoid back pain when working from home? We reveal our tips for being comfortable while telecommuting, as well as several exercises and postures to adopt!

Many people tend to work in a slouched position, with their backs curled up or bent over. Add to this the fact that telecommuting makes us rather sedentary. It is therefore important to stretch, move and change our posture.

As Major Mouvement advises us, the secret is to move!

What exercises can I do at home?

  • If you tend to work with your shoulders hunched over and your back bent, you can lie down and place a pillow in your back to arch it. Take a deep breath. This posture will release the tension in the back and free the diaphragm.

  • To free the back from tension you can also stretch by raising your arms in the air while breathing in and out deeply. This will allow you to work on the muscles of your back while remaining flexible.

  • Moreover, if your back hurts or if you tend to curl up on your computer, organize some sports sessions.

Having a strong enough back is important to avoid pain. The more toned your back muscles are, the more they will help you stay upright. To strengthen your back, you can practice different sports: swimming, walking, cycling, yoga, but also exercises such as push-ups etc...

Ideally, a teleworking posture should look like this

  • feet flat on the floor

  • armrests and elbows at keyboard height

  • back resting against the chair

  • head upright

  • chest about 70cm from the screen

More generally, when telecommuting, we also advise you to take breaks of a few minutes every hour, where you can stretch, make some movements, disconnect from the screens, go outside, open the window and take the opportunity to breathe, stretch and move.

To prevent lower back pain, you can also invest in a good office chair that can be adjusted to the right height for your work table. Avoid resting your laptop on your lap.

In case of repetitive and severe back pain , we advise you to consult a professional.

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