A day in Marseille - our first event

Une journée à Marseille - notre premier évenement

It is in Marseille at Villa So Spa that took place our first event after the confinements.

On the program: discovery of the brand and our menstrual panties, exchanges with our guests, massages, spa, cocktails and buffet... Let us embark you in this crazy day!

The adventure begins the day before, with a day of preparations: setting up the decoration, preparing the gift bags, final adjustments... The Elia team has been mobilized to make sure that everything is perfect before the arrival of our guests! On the decoration side: the talented Melanie from the Instagram account @cotedecor13 was in charge of the event's decoration. Thank you to her for making this place, a beautiful place!

Day D - Thursday, July 1st, 2021

The day begins in the morning, by the reception of our most faithful customers, around a buffet. The buffet was made by Mon Petit Pâturages. On the menu: fresh fruits and juices, pastries... Everything to have a good time!

Thelma, one of our top customers from Marseille, shares her experience with Elia panties. She discovered them at our creation in 2018. She didn't want to wear pads anymore because of the controversies around them. At first she was rather skeptical having a heavy flow, but she was very quickly convinced by the menstrual panties which changed her life: no more chemicals, less mental burden during menstruation, just get up in the morning put on your panties and you are quiet for the rest of the day. She also tells us that, as a horse rider, her must-have is the Louison cyclist which allows her to ride a horse while being comfortable and safe from leaks. No sensation of humidity or irritation possible, and moreover, it is not visible under the pants!

The day continues with the discovery of gift bags for customers. Colette in its limited leopard version and in its timeless black version. And finally: our new swimsuit Arielle that our customers could test directly in the pool of the villa! Thanks to Jolly Mama, our guests were able to discover the nutrishots against painful periods! It was a real moment of sharing between the Elia team and our clients, all in a good mood!

The evening !

Let's make room for the evening and the reception of our talents from Marseille!

Onceagain, it was a moment of sharing in a good mood, discovering the brand and our new products, endometriosis and ending with a massage at the spa.

The adventure is over and it's already time to go back to Paris.

We loved organizing this event in Marseille which allowed us to meet some of our customers, to thank them (some of them have been with us since the beginning) and to discuss with them about our products, subjects around menstruation etc...

Thanks to our partners without whom this event would not have been possible! Juliette and Céline the founders of Saudara who came to Marseille, Jollymama, Merci Maman, Mégane from Mon Petit Pâturage, Mélanie from @cotedecor13

And thank you to our clients and talents for their good mood, for making this event so enjoyable!

We intend to repeat the experience in other cities in France! If you want us to come and meet you, please let us know in the comments of the video, it would be a pleasure.

All the people in this video were tested negative to covid and/or vaccinated.

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