What is postpartum and postpartum recovery?

Qu'est-ce que le post-partum et le retour de couches ?

What is postpartum?

Postpartum is simply the period that begins after childbirth and lasts until the return of labor. Postpartum bleeding, or lochia, is abundant and lasts up to several weeks. It is the uterus, returning to its pre-pregnancy shape, that eliminates the last debris of placenta and uterine tissue. At the maternity hospital, the thick sanitary pads, unpleasant but necessary, can end up causing irritation. Elia is there to take over when you get home.

Why not before?

Because bleeding up to 3-4 days after delivery is very heavy and contains clots. You will need to change regularly and would not be able to do so many machines to wash your underwear! We recommend our Armande menstrual shorts as soon as you return from the maternity ward, for the lochia (post-partum bleeding) that will continue: it is indeed not recommended to use menstrual cups and tampons at this time, while your vagina and cervix return to normal and to avoid any risk of infection. Our shorty will be perfect during the day and night, to avoid irritation, especially in the case of episiotomy or tears. We advise you to bring several copies so that you always have a little advance.

And what is the return of diapers?

It is simply the first menstrual period that returns after childbirth. It is the menstrual cycle that starts up again as it goes along.

When does it happen?

The return of the menstrual period usually takes place one and a half to two months after the delivery if you are not breastfeeding. In cases where you are breastfeeding your baby, it may occur several months later (usually 3 to 5 months after delivery).

What type of period is it when you return from childbirth?

Generally speaking, these first periods are longer and the flow is heavier than your usual period. The very first cycles are often irregular and it will take a few to get back to normal. However, for some women, the bellyaches are less than their pre-pregnancy periods.

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