Love: what is a Gemini woman's sexual profile?

Love: what is a Gemini woman's sexual profile?

If in life, Geminis are appreciated for their childlike spirit, their intellectual curiosity, in love or in their sex life. Elia explains how Geminis work!

The sexual astro profile of the Gemini sign

Geminis are people born between May 21 and June 21. An air sign, Gemini, which means "double", can be difficult to follow, since they often change from one idea to another, and quickly change their minds. Gemini women are usually there for their loved ones, attentive to their needs. To better understand the Gemini woman, here's a detailed horoscope of herhoroscope of her sexual profile.

Gemini and love

Gemini is a very independent sign. This doesn't mean they're not looking for a stable relationship. They're very idealistic people who don't hesitate to try a lot of things before finding THE person who's right for them. Geminis often find it easy to project themselves into a long-term relationship and family life, despite what you might think.

In love, Geminis are not at all jealous or possessive. However, lack of communication and deception can be fatal and adamant for them: disappoint a Gemini once and you'll never hear from them again. As Geminis don't like to be disappointed in love, they protect themselves by taking time to trust and s'get truly involved in a relationship.

Gemini and sexuality

The Gemini woman's sexuality depends a great deal on communication and dialogue with her partner. In her relationships, the Gemini woman needs to be stimulated by the spoken word and the imaginary, with games, etc. Without this, it's complicated for her to blossom. Her imagination needs to be stimulated, and she likes to take her time before, during and after the relationship, rather than doing things in a hurry. Discovery and curiosity are her watchwords.

Gemini woman sexual profile FAQ

What are the Gemini woman's love compatibilities?

Gemini women are particularly compatible with Sagittarians. Sagittarius' honesty will appeal to Gemini. A Leo can bring a sense of protection and stability to Gemini. On the other hand, a Virgo or Cancer will not suit Gemini very well. To find out more about horoscope love compatibility, visit our dedicated page.

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