Price of a baby diaper: what is the monthly budget?

Choosing a good quality diaper is essential for the well-being of your child. It is important to pay attention to the composition of the diapers, the skin of baby being very fragile. Especially since during the first months of his life, he will use about 6 to 8 diapers per day. This is where the question of cost comes into play. Which diapers to buy: brand names or distributors? What is the budget? We give you our advice in this article!

What is the average price of a baby diaper ?

The average price of a baby diaper depends on several parameters. First of all, you should know that midwives and pediatricians recommend to changing your baby at each feeding or bottle-feeding, and as soon as he has a bowel movement. That's about 4300 diapers from the moment your baby is born to the moment he is potty trained.

Price differences by size and age

The price of diapers depends on the size and age to which they are reserved. The larger the size of the diaper, the higher the price. On the other hand, the bigger your baby gets, the less diapers he will use. Finally, the diaper budget stays more or less the same, even as your child grows.

National and private labels

Most of the time, private label diapers are cheaper than national brand diapers. On average, private label diapers cost 0.24 euros per diaper compared to 0.37 euros on average for national brands.

The place of purchase also plays an important role and diapers (except private label diapers) bought in supermarkets are generally more expensive than those you can find on the internet. The subscription method allows you to save money and to free yourself from the mental burden of buying diapers. Another advantage of the subscription system is that brand name diapers are often of much better quality.

Classic and diaper diapers

Diapers are obviously more expensive than regular diapers. Indeed, they are for older children, so the area to absorb is larger.

The price will depend on the quality of the diaper, that is to say: the raw materials used, the composition, the bleaching method used.

There are two methods of bleaching used:

  • The ECF method (Elementary Chlorine Free) which continues to use chlorine derivatives such as chlorine dioxide ;
  • The TCF method (Total Chlorine Free) which bleaches diapers with hydrogen peroxide to avoid all risks.

Only 5% of diapers are currently bleached with the TCF method.

The price of natural materials is more expensive than plastic materials such as polypropylene or polyethylene for example. By choosing natural and organic materials that avoid endocrine disruptors, pesticides etc...

Cloth diapers are by their nature more economical, but they represent a higher cost at purchase.

What is the monthly budget for baby diapers ?

The monthly budget for your baby's diapers will vary according to each child, his age, weight, size. It is estimated that the budget per month amounts to 40 to 80 euros.

Quality diapers, respectful of your baby's sensitive skin, are more expensive than the classic diapers found in supermarkets. However, there are ways to save money on your diaper purchases.

You can reduce your shopping budget by opting for quality diapers sold on the internet by pack or by subscription.

As the brand sells directly to the customer without any intermediary, the price offered is generally more advantageous.

What are the price differences between diapers ?

The price differences are due to several things:

  • The size of the diapers and how they feel on the baby's skin;
  • The absorption capacity;
  • The quality of the raw material;
  • Whether the diaper is organic/natural or not.

Diapers are generally more expensive than regular diapers, their prices are around 0,40 euros. Single diapers can start at 0,10 euros per diaper, and go up to 1,66 euros for submersible diapers for example.

It is also more advantageous to buy diapers in large quantities. Moreover, subscription systems allow to reduce the price differences.

How to pay less for baby diapers ?

When you become a parent, it is impossible to ignore the diaper budget. You have to find the right balance between your budget and offering quality diapers to your child. There are a few ways to save money on diapers.

Look for promotions in stores

Promotions at diaper brands are quite regular. Especially with private labels. Whether it's in store or online, it can be interesting to spot them so you can save money by buying your diapers when they are on special.

Buying cloth and reusable diapers

Cloth and reusable diapers are more economical (and ecological) alternatives to disposable diapers. They can be used many times, which makes them an investment at the time of purchase but quickly paid back... Especially when you know that baby uses about 2000 disposable di apers during his first year of life.

When your child grows up and starts to learn potty training independently, you can continue to dress him with training pants. These models are similar to cloth diapers, but much thinner and more comfortable to wear. It's the perfect garment to get him used to wearing pants later on, while leaving him an absorbent underwear.

Prefer subscription diapers

Subscribing to a diaper subscription is a great way to save money on your diaper purchases. You can choose a subscription with no commitment, or you receive packs of diapers adapted to your baby's size.

Another advantage is that it frees you from a mental burden and allows you to always have an eye on your diaper supply.

In general: diapers are often cheaper on the internet than diapers sold in stores (excluding private label diapers).

The FAQ of the average price of a diaper

What are the cheapest diapers ?

The cheapest diapers are going to be private label diapers. They often offer discounts to attract parents to the store. It is also possible to save money by opting for a diaper subscription.

Why are some diapers more expensive?

There are several reasons for the differences in diaper prices: The size of the diaper, the bigger the baby the larger the absorption area; The quality of the diaper as to the raw materials used, if it is certified organic or not, if it is made of natural and/or ecological material, where is it made etc; The absorption capacity of the diaper.

Where to find free baby diapers?

It is usually possible to order trial packs before subscribing or buying a brand's diapers.

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