Diaper size 6: until what age or weight of baby?

Is your child growing up and getting ready to turn 2? He is learning to express himself better and better and is becoming more comfortable and aware of his body. At this age, you don't know yet if you should switch to a bigger diaper size or if it's better to switch to training pants. We give you all the tips and recommendations in this article.

Everything you need to know about size 6 diapers

The size 6 diaper is the least worn diaper. Indeed, it is a diaper size which is suitable for babies weighing between 16 kg and 30 kg, and is therefore worn around 2 years old. This is also the age when many children start to become potty trained and stop wearing diapers during the day, or switch to training pants. However, the age of 2 is still an average because again, the size of diaper to use is not really determined by age, but rather by weight and body type. Some toddlers will need to go to size 6 by 18 months, while others won't even need to use that size.

When should I start using size 6 diapers?

Just like with the previous size changes, there are certain signs that should tell you that you need to switch to the top size, which is size 6. First of all, if you see regular leaks, it's obvious that you need to change sizes.

If you find it harder than before to close the diaper tapes and they come off, this is another indication that you need to go to the next size.

One last clue that should tell you to go up to the next size: during the diaper change, if you notice that your baby's skin is marked with red marks, it means that the diaper is too tight and therefore too small. A diaper that is too small and too tight can cause leaks and is uncomfortable for your baby: switch to size 6.

How many size 6 diapers should I buy for my baby?

The quantity of diapers to buy can quickly be a headache when you become a mom or dad. Regarding size 6, it is useless to have a large stock of diapers : it is often at this period that the transition of potty training happens for children. You can refer to our size guide to help you see more clearly:


Number of packages in size 4

Number of packages in size 5

Number of packages in size 6

from 10,5 to 12,5 kg



from 12,6 to 13 kg


from 13,1 to 13,5 kg



+ more than 13,5 kg


How to choose the best size 6 diaper?

Even if your baby is getting potty trained, the last diapers he or she needs to wear should be comfortable and pleasant to wear. A good diaper is one that is comfortable for your child, holds him without being too tight, and is absorbent enough to avoid any leakage problems.

Your baby's skin is also very sensitive and is in direct contact with the diaper material. It is therefore very important to make sure that the acidity, moisture and chemical composition of the diaper will not cause redness or other types of irritation on baby's bottom. For this reason, it is important to know the composition of the different layers of the diaper, including: the contact layer, the absorbent pad, the anti-leak material, the outer material etc...

If you can't find the analysis reports, or if they are not accessible, this should be a warning to you: beware of the lack of transparency.

Some marketing claims are not actually reliable information and do not mean that the diaper is completely safe for your baby's skin. This is the case for the mentions such as "hypoallergenic, dermatological control etc.", they are compulsory but in no way guarantee the quality of the diaper.

You can refer to the studies that are regularly published in order to alert on the safety of the composition of the diapers, in particular with the associations of consumers or the National Agency of Sanitary Safety, as well as the DGCCRF.

No more diapers: how to potty train your baby?

When your baby starts potty trainingWhen your baby starts potty training, diapers are no longer necessarily the right solution for your child. Several methods are possible:

Training pants

The alternative that we recommend when your child is potty training is the training pants. They are washable and therefore reusable, guaranteed to be completely safe for your baby's skin. At Elia, we even offer training pants that match mom's panties! So that your child feels like a grown-up!


Diapers will help your child become potty trained. They are easy to take off and put on, just like panties, so they are ideal for going to the bathroom.

You can still keep the disposable diaper for the night: the support is better and helps limit leaks.

If your child is not yet ready to start potty training, the best thing to do is to continue using regular diapers. It will be easier for you to clean and change your child than if he is in standing diapers.

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