How to dress baby for a good night's sleep?

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It's a question that many parents ask themselves: what should you put on your child so that he doesn't get too cold or too hot? What temperature should your baby's bedroom be? We explain everything you need to know in this article!


Dress baby according to room temperature!

How you dress your baby depends on the temperature of the room, and whether it's winter or summer. Choosing the right clothes is a guarantee of quality sleep for your baby.

Below 17°: cover baby as much as possible

Below 17 degrees, when it's cold, we recommend dressing your little one in warm terrycloth pyjamas, combined with a sleeping bag. You can also warm your baby's feet with socks and a hat, especially if temperatures drop below 16°C. The important thing is to choose materials rather than layers of clothing.

Between 18° and 25°: vary clothing and blankets

SIf the weather is between 18 and 25 degrees, we advise you toadapt your clothing and/or blankets

For example, s't's between 20°C and 22°C in your baby's room, you can lighten your outfit to prevent him from getting too hot. You can swap the long-sleeved bodysuit for a short-sleeved one, and swap the terrycloth pyjamas for lighter cotton ones.

Then, between 22 and 25 degrees, you should opt for a lighter sleeping bag, in cotton for example. The advantage of keeping a sleeping bag on even when it starts to get hot is that, for many babies, it's like a little cocoon. 

Above 26°: give baby more freedom

When it's hot(above 26°C), a simple short-sleeved bodysuit is all you need. And when it's hot, you can simply put your baby in a diaper. But always keep a light turbulette on for better sleep and to ward off the morning chill.

How to dress baby at night indoors in relation to the temperature of the bedroom

How to choose baby clothes for a good night's sleep?

The most important thing is toadapt your baby'sclothes to the temperature. Bear in mind that when you fall asleep, your body temperature drops a little.

Take your personal feelings into account by adding a little thickness to keep your baby warm.

For the sleeping bag that replaces the blanket, like a cocoon, we recommend choosing a sleeveless model. Depending on the season, sleeping bags come in thicker or thinner models.

For your baby's clothes, we recommend choosing organic cotton, which is kind to your baby's skin, rather than synthetics. Synthetic materials are sweaty and tend to irritate your baby's skin. The best choice is natural materials such as cotton, linen or bamboo. These materials are breathable and absorb perspiration.

To keep your baby as comfortable as possible, we recommend simple, loose-fitting clothes with no elastic around the tummy.

Avoid chemicals in the detergent you use.

What about baby's diaper for sleeping?

For night-time use, we recommend special night-time diapers, which are more absorbent and keep your baby dry for longer. Putting baby in a conventional diaper at night is not a good idea, as it increases the risk of risk of leakageand therefore the chances of waking your child.

You also have the option of training pants recommended for children from 2 or 3 years of age. Washable and reusable, they are much lighter than conventional diapers, but still have the absorbency to keep baby dry.

What is the ideal temperature for baby's sleep?

To prevent cot death, the ideal temperature for your baby's room is around 19 degrees. This is also the recommended temperature for adults. To check this temperature, it's advisable to buy a good-quality thermometer.

Our tips for a restful night's sleep

In hot weather, ventilate your baby's room first thing in the morning to let the fresh air into the room. Then, during the day, keep the shutters and curtains closed to keep the air cool.

Sf it's really too hot and you can't manage to cool the room before going to bed, you can use the following technique: place bottles of cold water in front of a fan. Please note, however, that it's not advisable to keep the air-conditioning or a fan on while your baby is sleeping. Your baby could catch a chill, and the air is too dry for his fragile mucous membranes.

For a good and safe night's sleep, your baby should lie on his or her back, without sheets, blankets, pillows, stuffed toys or crib bumper pads in the crib, to prevent the risk of suffocation.

FAQ for dressing your baby in winter

How to dress baby when it's 0 degrees outside?

The typical zero degrees outfit is a first layer consisting of a bodysuit and long johns. The second layer consists of pants and a sweater (both thick enough), a scarf and a hat. For the third and final layer, add mittens, a down jacket and winter boots.

How can I tell if my baby isn't warm enough?

To know if your baby is cold, you need to observe him. SIf he's raining, fussing or fussing, he's probably cold or too hot. If his neck is sweating and his ears are red, he's too hot. Bear in mind that the extremities of the body (hands, feet) do not reflect your child's true body temperature.


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