What are the values of the Elia brand? by Marion, co-founder

Quelles sont les valeurs de la marque Elia ? par Marion, co-fondatrice

Today Elia comes back with you on the values anchored in its DNA thanks to Marion, co-founder of the brand.

Why create a brand of menstrual panties ?

Elia is the result of a personal story. Marion suffers from a disease called endometriosis. Because of this disease, her periods are anarchic, important and very painful. Finding a protection that was adapted to her flow, as well as her work rhythm was a real challenge. She launched Elia in 2018 while employed at a startup, in charge of revenue. She was traveling between 10 and 15 times a week. So, too complicated to walk around with a tampon or sanitary napkin. Elia is a brand of menstrual lingerie, that is to say panties of menstruation which come to replace the traditional sanitary protections to accompany all the menstruated people during their various periods of their cycle. Elia menstrual panties protect against white discharge, menstruation, pregnancy and postpartum discharge, and urine leakage.

With Apolline, the co-founder of Elia, they both launched the Elia adventure with very strong convictions. How can we improve our daily life? How can we do something for the planet? And how can we make savings that are linked to our periods?

How does the Elia brand integrate the ecological dimension in its values?

On the ecological sphere, the Elia menstrual panties allow a considerable reduction of waste. Today, a woman will throw a significant number of sanitary protections in the dustbin during her period, many will end up in the nature. On average, a classic sanitary protection takes 500 years to degrade in nature. It was thus essential to propose a product which can last in time and be of good quality. The menstrual panties Elia are in organic cotton. That it is in its culture, its harvest or its treatment, the organic cotton will be much less invasive than the culture of the "conventional" cotton, which is more ecological. But organic cotton is also of better quality: it benefits from anti-allergic properties and will last better over time if we take care of it. Elia menstrual panties are produced locally, in France, from the knitting of the cotton, to the finished product.

How did Elia almost become a company with a mission?

Elia is a commitment in terms of quality/efficiency of the products, a commitment of community/speech, but also a collaboration with health professionals. This aspect around health is also very strong since Elia has a commitment anchored in its DNA around endometriosis and women's health. Indeed, endometriosis is what propelled the creation of the company through Marion's story. Elia participates in the first research foundation to fight endometriosis, which is hosted by the Medical Research Foundation (FRM), both financially and personally.

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