Does the covid-19 vaccine affect menstruation?

Le vaccin contre la covid-19 impacte-t-il les règles ?

After several months of vaccination campaign, cases of menstrual cycle disruption have been reported to the National Agency for Drug Safety. A large number of our clients asked us for feedback on the vaccination and the impact of the vaccine on menstruating people. Thus, we conducted a study involving 7517 people, in order to study the impact of vaccination on menstruation and the menstrual cycle.

The answers of our survey

Out of 7517 respondents, 32% had menstrual problems after the injection of the vaccine. Conversely, 68% of respondents had no menstrual problems following the injection of the vaccine against covid-19.

Among the 32% who had menstrual disorders following the vaccine injection, 17% had an earlier period, 21% had a more painful period on the following cycle, 19% had a heavier period and finally 22% had a later period than expected.

Sources: Elia survey - August 2021

Several of our clients testify:

"I was supposed to have my period until Saturday, but it stopped on Tuesday, the day I was vaccinated, even though I have always had very regular cycles", "I had spottings after my vaccine doses!", "Since the vaccine, I lose 2 drops on the first day of my period and then nothing!", "After my first dose, I had a cycle of 37 days instead of the usual 27" or "My period still hasn't started, I'm almost 60 days..."

But then, where do these disorders come from?

Although nothing is proven and set in stone, at the moment, several theories point to the fact that since the uterine lining is part of the immune system (since there are immune cells in almost every part of the body), after being vaccinated, a lot of chemical signals (which can impact immune cells) circulate in the body. This can cause the loss of the uterine lining and lead to earlier bleeding or periods.

These cells are essential for the construction, maintenance and destruction of the uterine lining, which will thicken in preparation for a pregnancy and then be eliminated by menstruation when the egg is not fertilized.

However, it is important to note that no link with the risk of miscarriage has been established. Similarly, the link between vaccination and impact on the menstrual cycle has not been scientifically proven.

There is no reason to be concerned about these menstrual cycle disruptions. Indeed, when you vaccinate yourself, it will activate your immune system and create an inflammation at the same time.

Source :

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