Vestibulodynia: what is it?

Vestibulodynia: what is it?

What is vestibulodynia?

Vestibulodynia is characterized by hypersensitivity at the vaginal entrance, causing pain at the vaginal entrance, mostly on contact, but also in some cases spontaneously and constantly. More specifically, it is characterized by pain during sexual intercourse at the moment of penetration, by difficulty putting on tampons, by pain even when sitting down or practicing disciplines such as cycling. The vestibule is a highly innervated area. Studies estimate that 7% of women suffer from vestibulodynia.���

What is the pain of vestibulodynia?

These pains can be felt as :

  • A burn

  • A warm-up

  • Irritation

  • A searing pain throughout the vulvar region

  • A feeling of being cut

  • The feeling of losing your virginity every time you have sex

It's important to differentiate vestibulodynia from vaginismus. Vaginismus is a non-painful involuntary muscle contraction of the vagina, whereas vestibulodynia is an involuntary but painful muscle contraction. 

As with endometriosis, vestibulodynia takes a long time to diagnose: between 5 and 7 years from onset of symptoms to final diagnosis. Vestibulodynia is difficult to diagnose: there are no visible lesions to detect the disease. The only way to diagnose vestibulodynia is through a test, carried out by a professional, which involves inducing pain with a cotton swab to determine the sensitive areas.

What causes vestibulodynia?

The causes of lvestibulodynia are manifold, and still divide doctors. They include infections (especially recurrent mycoses ), menopause, certain local treatments, the contraceptive pill and stress.

What treatments are available to cure vestibulodynia?

There are treatments to treat or reduce the onset of pain associated with vestibulodynia, such as : 

  • Perineal massage and relaxation 

  • Vaginal physiotherapy to learn how to relax tense muscles in this area

  • Topical treatments (desensitizing cream)

  • And in some cases, psychological care.

As a last resort, surgery can be performed. This operation (called vestibulectomy) involves removing the painful part of the vestibule. But success is not 100% guaranteed, and recovery from this operation takes a long time. 

If you think you suffer from these disorders or recurrent mycoses, we recommend that you choose a period pants in organic cotton for hygienic protection.

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