Top 3 things not to say to a pregnant woman

Top 3 things not to say to a pregnant woman

This is a very personal article that has nothing to do with periods or menstrual panties. Many Elia lingerie users have already, are in the midst of, or will soon experience pregnancy. With our menstrual lingerie, we try to make you as comfortable as possible during and after your pregnancy. From the white discharge of pregnancy (pre-partum) to the bloody discharge of post-partum and the first periods after childbirth.

2019 and 2020 will have been a busy year for us. We gave birth to Elia on top of our respective jobs, and Apolline and I (Marion) went through one pregnancy each. In 9 months, our 2020 babies and we have already experienced a lot of criticism and disparaging remarks! So here's the TOP (yes, there are many more) of the funniest, rudest and most indiscreet phrases we've heard.

The top 3 of frustration

    1) "A little alcohol won't hurt you! My wife didn't go without when she was pregnant! You're being overzealous". 

      My conclusion: everyone is different and does what they want. It's important to remember that theWHO recommendations are strict There is no safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy! Risks exist at all stages of pregnancy, regardless of the volume of alcohol consumed.

        2) "You could make an effort anyway and eat Auntie's salad. She spent hours making it". 

          My conclusion: Once again, each person does what they want and takes the risks they want with their pregnancy. But when you're pregnant, there are certain risks you shouldn't take, and certain eating habits you should adopt so as not to risk catching listeriosis or toxoplasmosis!

            3) "You haven't put on too much weight, are you expecting twins? / How are you, Michelin Man? / You haven't gained too much face, that's fine! / Your belly is small, it's big, it's high, it's low, you have water retention, you look fatter? What do you eat for lunch?"

              My conclusion: Take your body seriously! Pregnancy is not necessarily an easy stage in a woman's life. Women's bodies change at varying speeds. We're not all the same when it comes to weight gain. As long as your doctor hasn't given you a warning, don't listen to inappropriate remarks.

              Top annoying phrases

              • "But... is this a wanted pregnancy?"
              • "I bet you'll give birth next Tuesday at 2pm! By the way, I wrote it down on a piece of paper and bet €50 with toto."
              • "I've written down your child's name. I'm sure you'll call him Tutu. It sucks, it's ugly or if you don't take it, I will".
              • "So, boy or girl?"
              • "What brands or clothes did you choose? Because I bought you the top brand and what you got is probably not up to scratch".
              • "What's that thing on your forehead? Do you have a pregnancy mask in the middle of winter?"
              • "You've got pudding for feet". 
              • "You shouldn't eat that... you'll gain weight for nothing".
              • "Oulala you have to stop working, your baby is going to be crazy".
              • "Alala hormones"
              • "S'he's big it's going to be hot for you to evict him!"
              • "I cry for your perineum, enjoy it, afterwards you won't be the same"

              The TOP of the TOP of annoyance or voyeurism

              The people who never speak to you and who, close to your term, ask you every day: So, still here? Still pregnant? Still nursing? Let me know when you're off to the maternity ward!

              My conclusion: leave us alone!

              Sometimes you feel that the birth of your child and your intimacy have passed into the public domain and no longer belong to you. The most important thing for me is to feel surrounded, loved and to keep your secret garden private (everyone does as they wish!). Pregnancy is first and foremost an adventure for two, then for three, then for the whole family, and it's up to each of us to make the most of it according to our own wishes.

              If you have any other comments, let us know in the comments, we won't judge you! And what's more, it feels good!



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