Top 3 things not to say to a pregnant woman

Top 3 de ce qu'il ne faut pas dire à une femme enceinte

This is a very personal article that has nothing to do with menstruation or menstrual panties. Many users of Elia lingerie have already, are in the middle of, or will soon experience a pregnancy. Through our menstrual lingerie, we try to provide you with as much comfort as possible during and after your pregnancy. From the white discharge of pregnancy (prepartum) to the bloody discharge of postpartum and then the first period of the return of childbirth.

The year 2019 and 2020 will have been busy for us. We gave birth to Elia in addition to our respective jobs and had Apolline and I (Marion) experience a pregnancy each. Our 2020 babies and us, will have in 9 months already experienced a lot of criticism or derogatory remarks! So here is the TOP (yes, there are many more) of the funniest, rudest and most indiscreet sentences we have heard.

The top 3 of frustration

    1) "A little alcohol won't hurt you! My wife when she was pregnant didn't go without! You're being overzealous."

      My conclusion: each person is different and does what they want. Let's remember that the recommendations of theWHO are strict There is no safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy! Risks exist at all stages of pregnancy, no matter how much alcohol is consumed.

        2) "You could make an effort and eat Auntie's salad. She spent hours making it".

          My conclusion: Again, each person does what they want and takes the risks they want with their pregnancy. But during a pregnancy there are risks that you should not take, eating habits that you should take in order not to risk catching listeriosis or toxoplasmosis!

            3) "You're not getting too fat, are you expecting twins? / Are you okay, little guy? / You haven't gained too much face, it's okay! / Your belly is small, it's big, it's high, it's low, you have water retention, you look fatter? What do you eat for lunch?"

              My conclusion: Take care of your body seriously!!! Pregnancy is not necessarily an easy stage in a woman's life. Women's bodies change at varying speeds. We are not all equal when it comes to weight gain. As long as the doctor doesn't alert you, don't listen to inappropriate remarks.

              The top of the most annoying sentences

              " this an intended pregnancy?"

              "I bet you're going into labor next Tuesday at 2pm! By the way, I wrote it down on a piece of paper and I bet 50€ with toto"

              "I wrote down the name of your child. I'm sure you're going to name him Tutu. It sucks, it's ugly or if you don't take it I'll take it"

              "So, girl or boy?"

              "What brands or clothes did you choose? Because I bought you the top brand and you probably don't have what it takes".

              "What's that thing on your forehead? Do you have a pregnancy mask in the middle of winter?"

              "You have pudding for feet"

              "You shouldn't eat that... you'll gain weight for nothing"

              "Oulala you have to stop working, your baby will be crazy"

              "Alala the hormones"

              "If he's fat, it will be hot for you to expel him!"

              "I cry for your perineum, enjoy it, afterwards you won't be the same".

              The TOP of the TOP of the annoyance or voyeurism

              The people who never talk to you and who, close to your term, ask you every day: So, still here? Still pregnant? Are you still incubating? Let me know when you go to the maternity ward!

              My conclusion: LEAVE US ALONE!!!

              Sometimes you feel like your child's birth and your privacy are moving into the public domain and no longer belong to you. The most important thing for me is to feel surrounded, loved and to keep your secret garden private (everyone does as they wish!). A pregnancy is above all an adventure for two, then for three and then for a family and it is up to each one to live it as well as possible according to his wishes.

              If you have other remarks, feel free to comment, we won't judge you! And it feels good!


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