Why wear menstrual panties when it's hot?

You've already heard of menstrual panties during your period. But did you know that absorbent underwear can also be useful in the event of heavy perspiration or hot weather?

What are the advantages of menstrual panties in summer?

Summer heat often takes its toll on our comfort: so is menstrual lingerie the most suitable vacation alternative? Let's take a look at what it's like to wear menstrual panties in summer.

Worry-free period protection

First and foremost, menstrual lingerie is ideal for protecting you from light to heavy flows, winter or summer, all year round during your menstrual cycle. The outside temperature is therefore no obstacle to the effectiveness of this type of sanitary protection in absorbing your menstrual blood loss during hot weather.

Comfortable, lightweight fabric

Menstrual pants are generally made up of several layers: a draining layer in direct contact with the skin, then an absorbent core inside made of an absorbent fabric lined with a waterproof material. At Elia, our skin-contact layer is made of certified organic cotton, whose weave makes it extremely breathable, comfortable and effective. Our absorbent fabric is made from eucalyptus fibers, renowned for their antibacterial properties. What's more? We offer options for all body shapes!

Aren't menstrual pants too hot?

While menstrual underwear is indeedthicker than conventional underwear and could therefore theoretically be warmer, this feeling is quickly offset by the breathable properties of our organic cotton. Not only does this allow your intimate area to stay ventilated, it also keeps you dry, without the risk ofmoisture-related irritation. On the other hand, it's important to choose cotton, as a synthetic material would have the opposite effect by storing heat in this type of sanitary protection, as can be the case with a plastic-derived sanitary napkin.

Can menstrual pants absorb perspiration?

Thanks to their ingenious construction, menstrual pants can absorb several types of liquid, depending on their viscosity. Blood, its primary use, but also white discharge, which has a similar viscosity and is retained by the absorbent core before it leaks out!

Liquids that are much less viscous, such aswater or perspiration, tend to drain more quickly than blood, leaving less time for the cotton surface to drain them: this is why menstrual panties cannot be used for absorption in the swimming pool. In the case of perspiration, on the other hand, we're talking about a much smaller quantity of water, giving the cotton time to fulfill its role. As the body's physiology is well thought out, drops of perspiration also flow through the groove between the buttocks and the groin folds, redirecting this aqueous flow towards the absorbent zone of the period pants: mission accomplished!

Draining cotton also prevents the surface from feeling damp, and the absorbent zone from retaining perspiration: so you won't leave any sweat marks on your deckchair when you get up!

Change regularly when you're hot

However, don't hesitate to change your clothes more regularly if you still feel damp: menstrual panties or not, dampness is a breeding ground for mycosis, toxic shock syndrome and other disturbances of the vaginal flora. So don't hesitate to pack a spare pair of panties in a menstrual pouch this summer!

How do I wash and care for my menstrual panties? This is a crucial question to ensure the durability andeffectiveness of your lingerie. Designed to be hygienic and reusable, menstrual pants require special care. After each use, menstrual lingerie should be rinsed in cold water and then machine-washed, preferably in similar colors. Avoid using fabric softeners or greasy soaps such as Marseille soap, and use mild detergents instead, to help maintain optimal absorption. Air-drying is recommended to preserve their structural integrity and ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your menstrual lingerie.

What's the best menstrual underwear for this summer?

The right menstrual underwear for every situation! Let's find out which model is right for you this summer while you're on vacation.

The menstrual tanga for light perspiration

For light perspiration or bearable days: we recommend the menstrual tanga: these models are lightweight and will remain invisible under your clothes.

Menstrual panties for hot days

Menstrual panties are versatile: neither too absorbent nor too thick, they're the ideal compromise for hot days.

Menstrual shorty or cyclist for heatwaves or excessive perspiration

The menstrual shorty is generally the most absorbent model. At Elia, they contain a double layer of eucalyptus fibers to effectively absorb moisture when you're sweating or have heavy periods. Our thigh-high cycler also helps prevent irritation from skin friction, as well as absorbing hemorrhagic flows.

And which menstrual panties are right for the post-partum period ? Opting for this format of organic cotton menstrual panties offers the ideal hygienic solution, ensuring optimal absorption and essential sanitary protection during this post-partum period!

What if I'm hot at night?

It's even more practical at night, as you don't necessarily have to wear pyjama bottoms. Sleep light! In this case, we suggest our Louison all-cotton menstrual cyclist, which can replace pyjama shorts and absorb night-time perspiration! As far as possible, avoid internal protection such as tampons, to combat toxic shock.

What about the beach?

Menstrual swimwear can be worn as a bodysuit during the day to absorb light flow or perspiration! They're also ideal for light periods when swimming in the sea or pool: if you're menstruating, remember to switch to menstrual panties after bathing, to avoid the development of bacteria! Alternatively, our models designed with drying fabrics can prevent you from staying too damp after a dip in the water!

An ecological alternative to combat global warming

Summer heatwaves and repeated heatwaves mask another problem beyond the comfort of men and women in summer: global warming. These phenomena are set to intensify in the years to come! We can only encourage you to replace your everyday objects and habits with reusable alternatives that have less impact on the environment: every gesture counts!

In this sense, menstrual garments represent an eco-responsible option, especially when they are made using organic cotton and eucalyptus fibers, the production of which is less demanding on the planet's water resources. Wearing menstrual briefs during the summer heat is therefore doubly beneficial!

FAQs on menstrual pants in the summer heat

Do menstrual pants make you sweat in summer?

Menstrual panties made from breathable cotton don't make you sweat in summer! On the contrary, their absorbent properties are equally effective against perspiration, keeping you dry even in the hottest weather.

Why choose Elia Lingerie menstrual panties this summer?

All our models are made from certified organic cotton, with a breathable, hydrophilic weave for rapid surface drainage and drying. The absorbent core, made from eucalyptus fibers, retains all flows: menstruation, white discharge and drops of perspiration! A healthy, ecological alternative for hot weather.