Why wear menstrual panties during hot weather?

You already know about menstrual panties during your period. But did you know that absorbent underwear can also be useful in the case of heavy sweating or hot weather?

What are the advantages of menstrual panties in summer?

The summer heat is often the reason for our comfort: is menstrual lingerie then the most suitable alternative during the vacations? We are going to make the point on the fact of wearing a menstrual panties in summer.

Be protected from menstruation without worrying about it

First of all, menstrual panties are ideal to protect you fromlight to heavy flows, winter and summer, all year long. The outside temperature is thus not a brake with its effectiveness during the strong heats to absorb your menstrual blood losses.

Comfortable and light material

The menstrual panties are generally made up of several layers: a draining layer in direct contact with the skin, then an absorbing heart inside made up of an absorbing fabric doubled with a waterproof material. At Elia, our skin-contact layer is a certified organic cotton, whose weave makes it extremely breathable, comfortable and efficient. Our absorbent fabric is made of eucalyptus fiber, known for its antibacterial properties.

Doesn't the menstrual panty get too hot?

If the menstrual panties contain indeed morethickness than a traditional panties and could thus in theory hold more heat, this feeling is quickly compensated by the breathing properties of our cotton. Not only this last one allows your intimate zone to remain aired, but also to be kept dry, without risking irritations related tomoisture. It is necessary on the other hand to choose it well out of cotton, because a synthetic material would have on the other hand an opposite effect by storing heat.

Can the menstrual panties absorb perspiration?

Indeed, the menstrual panties, thanks to its ingenious assembly, allows to absorb several types of liquid, in a more or less effective way according to its viscosity. The blood, its first use, but also the white losses, whose viscosity is similar and which are retained by the absorbing heart before there are leaks!

Much less viscous liquids, such aswater or perspiration, tend to flow more quickly than blood, leaving less time for the surface cotton to drain them: this is why menstrual panties cannot be used in the pool. On the other hand, in the case of perspiration, we speak about a quantity of water much lower, which leaves time to cotton to fulfill its role. The body's physiology being well done, the drops of perspiration also flow through theinter-gluteal folds and the groin folds, which redirects this watery flow towards the absorbent zone of the period panties: mission accomplished!

The draining cotton also prevents the surface from feeling damp, and the absorbent zone retains perspiration: so you won't leave any more sweat marks on your deckchair when you get up!

Change regularly when you are hot

However, you should not hesitate to change more regularly if a feeling of moisture persists: indeed, menstrual panties or not, moisture is a favourable ground for the development of mycosis and other disturbances of the vaginal flora. Do not hesitate to take along a panties of replacement in a menstrual pocket this summer!

What is the best menstrual panty for this summer?

To each situation, its adapted menstrual panties! Let us discover which model is made for you this summer during your vacations.

The menstrual tanga for light perspiration

For the light perspiration or the bearable days: we recommend you the menstrual tanga: these models are light and will remain invisible under your clothing

Menstrual panties for hot days

The menstrual panties are versatile: neither too absorbent, nor too thick, they are the ideal compromise for hot days.

The shorty or the menstrual cyclist for hot days or excessive perspiration

The menstrual shorty is generally the most absorbent model. At Elia, it contains a double layer of eucalyptus fibers to effectively absorb moisture when you sweat or have heavy period flows. Our cyclist, which goes down the thighs, also prevents irritation due to skin friction, in addition to absorbing bleeding flows.

What if I get hot at night?

At night, it's even more practical, since you don't necessarily have to wear pajama bottoms. Sleep light! In this case, we suggest our menstrual cyclist Louison, made of cotton, which can replace pajama shorts and thus absorb night-time perspiration!

And at the beach?

The menstrual swimsuit can be worn as a bodysuit during the day and absorb the light flow or perspiration! It will also be your ally for the light periods during the bathing in sea or in the swimming pool: in the case of the menstruations, we think of switching then with a menstrual panties after the bath, to avoid the development of bacteria! Otherwise, our models conceived with drying fabrics will be able to avoid you to remain too wet after having made a dive in water!

An ecological alternative to fight against global warming

The high summer heat and repeated heat waves mask another problem beyond the comfort of men and women in summer: global warming. These phenomena will intensify in the years to come! We can only encourage you to replace your daily objects and habits by reusable alternatives with less impact on the environment: every gesture counts!

The menstrual panties represent in this sense an eco-responsible option, especially when the confection is realized in short circuit, in organic cotton and in fibers of eucalyptus whose production is less greedy for the resources in water of the planet. To wear menstrual panties during the heat of the summer, it is thus a double interest!

The FAQ of the menstrual panties during the heat of the summer

Does the menstrual panties make sweat in summer?

The menstrual panties, when it is in breathable cotton, do not make perspire especially in summer! On the contrary, its absorbing faculties also apply to perspiration and allow you to remain dry during the heat wave.

Why choose Elia Lingerie menstrual panties this summer?

Our models are all made of certified organic cotton, whose breathable and hydrophilic weave allows for drainage and quick drying on the surface. Its absorbent core made of eucalyptus fibers allows to retain all flows: menstruation, white discharge and drops of perspiration! A healthy and ecological alternative to be privileged during the strong heats.

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