How can I delay my period? Is it recommended?

You have an event planned in a few days but your period is scheduled for the same time? Sometimes, in order to enjoy it better, we would like to postpone our period... But is it really possible? How can you delay your period?

Why delay your period?

There are many reasons why you might want to delay your period. Wedding planned, vacations planned etc... For a great number of women, menstruation involves a lot of inconveniences that we prefer to avoid during certain moments. Unfortunately, there is no miracle recipe for delaying menstruation naturally. Some people advise to drink yarrow tea or peppermint.
But only taking an oral contraceptive: the contraceptive pill, can delay their arrival effectively.

If you are worried because your period is late, there is no need to panic too much, several factors can influence a delay of period. Too much physical activity, a lot of stress, jet lag... All these factors can upset your cycle. If you have taken the morning-after pill, it is likely that your period will come late or early.

If you have any questions or doubts about your late period, consult your health care professional who will be able to answer your questions.

Is it dangerous to delay one's period with the pill?

When you take the pill, it is in fact very simple to delay your period. If you are taking a 21-pill pill, you can simply start a new pack. If your pill contains 28 pills, you just have to skip the week that contains only the last 7 placebo pills and start a new one.

Note that this method is only valid for estrogen-progestin pills, i.e. pills that combine estrogen and progestin. It is not possible to postpone your period with pills that must be taken continuously.
On the other hand, this method is absolutely not dangerous for the health, it does not present any risks for the health.
In fact, the bleeding observed with the pill is withdrawal bleeding and is not a real period.
However, when using this method, it is common to observe spotting that occurs during the supposed period. This bleeding is due to an overflow of hormones. Fortunately, this bleeding does not affect the effectiveness of the contraceptive method.

How many times can you delay your period this way?

It is possible to delay your period as long as you want, as this does not affect the effectiveness of the contraceptive.
Be careful not to stop your pill pack before the end to bring your period forward: this will not work, and contraceptive effectiveness will no longer be guaranteed.

What to do if you can't delay your period?

If you do not take the contraceptive pill, it is complicated to delay your period.
On the other hand, there are solutions that can facilitate the period: menstrual panties.
The menstrual panties are an alternative to the traditional polluting and disposable hygienic protections, more ecological, non irritating and respectful of the intimate flora.
It is a real protection against any test: you just have to put on your panties in the morning and you are protected if ever your period arrives.

The FAQ for delaying your period

How to delay your period naturally ?

Unfortunately, there is no natural miracle solution to delay your period.

How to delay your period by 3 days?

If you are not taking the pill and you have a doctor who is accommodating, you can ask him to prescribe a progestin. This method will allow you to postpone your period by a few days. Be careful, it must remain a punctual method, not to be taken every month.

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