How to dress baby in winter: outdoor and indoor outfits

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As soon as the cooler days arrive, dressing your child can become a real headache. How should lhe be dressed so he doesn't catch a cold? What clothes should I buy?


How to dress baby for a winter outing?

Taking your baby for a walk in winter is totally possible, and even advisable. Your little one needs fresh air and contact with natural light. We recommend taking him for a walk every day. 

You can start with a short outing of around 15 to 20 minutes if temperatures are really cold. Then you can gradually build up to longer outings, takinghour-long walks. Of course, if temperatures are really harsh, adapt your outings.

Listen to your baby too: if you notice that he's grumpy, has a cold- in short, that he's not in good shape - skip lthe walk stage.

Stroller ride

To take your baby for a walk in his stroller, you need to cover him appropriately. You need to dress your child according to the outside temperature (by referring to your sensations), bearing in mind that a baby suffers more from the cold than you do, and has no way of keeping warm.

It's very important to cover the extremities of the body, such as hands, feet and head. To do this, put on a hat, mittens and booties. It's also a good idea to add layers to keep your child warm, for example, by adding a blanket.

Ride in a baby carrier or sling

When you carry your baby in a baby carrier or sling, he'll enjoy the warmth of your body. But when it's cold, you'll need to bring along appropriate clothing to keep him warm.

We recommend tights (under pants) and wool cardigans rather than the pilot suit, which will impede your baby's movements and won't allow him to be in a physiological position. You can also opt for a babywearing blanket (it keeps your baby warm by maintaining a constant temperature thanks to its attachment to the baby carrier).

Car or public transport journeys

In the car, always remember to remove your baby's coat before putting lhim in his car seat.

Why remove his coat? If you leave his coat on, it won't be properly secured in the event of an accident. 

To keep your baby warm during the journey, we recommend putting a blanket over him, or a hat or neck warmer. You can also put his coat back over the harnesses (upside down).

How to dress baby indoors in winter?

Indoor temperatures are unsurprisingly much warmer than outdoor temperatures in winter. 

Nevertheless, it's important to keep your baby warm anddressed in winter clothes (as you would naturally do for yourself). During the day, you can put on his bodysuit, pants, cardigan or sweatshirt, socks and little indoor slippers.

At naptime, you can dress him in warm fleece pyjamas over his long-sleeved bodysuit. You can then put him in his sleeping bag.

As a reminder, the ideal temperature for a baby's room is around 18 degrees.

Clothes for winter outings, car rides and indoor outings

What are the must-have winter clothes for baby?

To cover your baby properly, several items of clothing are essential:   

  • The bonnet: The extremities of the body are where a lot of heat is lost, even more so with babies. That's why it's so important to keep him warm with a hat that will protect his skull and ears;
  • Gloves : to keep your baby's extremities warm;
  • The long-sleeved bodysuit: a must-have for your baby. Whether indoors or out, the bodysuit protects your baby's skin and keeps it warm;
  • The pilot suit: for the first few months of your baby's life, this allows you to cover him completely, including his head and extremities. If you live in a region where the weather is particularly cold, we advise you to choose one with a fleece or sherpa lining.

What about winter diapers?

No need for special winter layers! The only thing to remember is to change your baby regularly (as soon as he has a bowel movement and at every feed), even if it takes you longer to undress him because of the many layers of clothing he's wearing.

The best solution for your child is to wear training pants. Much lighter than a conventional diaper, they contain leaks thanks to their absorbent fabric. Buying several training pants also saves you money, as they are machine-washable.

FAQ for dressing your baby in winter

How to dress baby when it's 0 degrees outside?

The typical zero degrees outfit is a first layer consisting of a bodysuit and long johns. The second layer consists of pants and a sweater (both thick enough), a scarf and a hat. For the third and final layer, add mittens, a down jacket and winter boots.

How can I tell if my baby isn't warm enough?

To know if your baby is cold, you need to observe him. SIf he's raining, fussing or fussing, he's probably cold or too hot. If his neck is sweating and his ears are red, he's too hot. Bear in mind that the extremities of the body (hands, feet) do not reflect your child's true body temperature.

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