Your most frequently asked questions

How does a period swimsuit work?

Our menstrual swimsuit's non-swelling elastic at the thighs and absorbent core effectively retain more viscous fluids inside, such as blood, while our breathable polyamide ensures that water quickly drains away when you get out of the bath, so it doesn't pool and weigh down the swimsuit.

How do I care for a period bikini?

Designed to resist chlorine and sea salt, our swimwear fabrics can be cared for in the same way as your classic menstrual lingerie: rinse with clear water, machine wash at low temperature, no heat or tumble dry. Taking care of your menstrual swimwear means it will last longer!

Can I swim in an Elia swimsuit if I'm menstruating?

Play the siren even during your period! Our menstrual swimwear, with its absorbent organic cotton core, will protect you from light flows and spotting, in and out of the water. For heavier flows, you can complement the protection provided by our swimwear with conventional sanitary protection of your choice.