Getting your period at the beach and pool

    Discover the complete pack of menstrual swimwear and menstrual panties for the sea and the pool. Leak-free in and out of the water!

    Your most frequently asked questions

    Our menstrual swimsuit's non-swelling, elastic thighs and absorbent core effectively trap more viscous fluids inside, such as blood, while our breathable polyamide allows water to quickly drain out of the bath, so it doesn't pool and weigh down the suit.

    Designed to resist chlorine and sea salt, the materials of our swimsuits can be maintained like your classic menstrual lingerie: rinse with clear water, put in the washing machine at a low temperature, without heat or tumble dry. Taking care of your menstrual swimsuit guarantees it a longer life!

    Play the siren even during your period! Our menstrual swimsuits, with their absorbent organic cotton core, will protect you from light flows and spotting, in and out of the water. For heavier flows, you can complement the protection provided by our swimsuits with classic sanitary protection of your choice.