Can I have sex during my period?

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Having sex during your period is a taboo subject that is very distasteful to both men and women. Even though it is perfectly possible, during this period of the cycle, sex would be less frequent. In 2013, a survey conducted by Always and Tampax noted that 80% of respondents gave up having sex during their period. However, the belief that menstruation and sex are not compatible is not new. It was believed that having sex during menstruation could be dangerous for the man who could catch a curse. And although the stories of witchcraft have disappeared today, this practice remains taboo and is considered "dirty". So today, we are going to break down the preconceived ideas. 

There are no medical contraindications to sexual intercourse during menstruation. Still, it is always necessary to remember bloodstains. It may be preferable to protect the sheets with a sheet or towel. Showering is also an option for stain-free intercourse. You can also choose to lie on your back, such as the missionary position, to regulate blood flow. The most important thing is to talk about it with your partner so that you can feel confident and safe. And guess what? Cunnilingus is also possible, with a tampon, a cup or even in the shower. If you and your partner agree, don't be reluctant. And if you're uncomfortable with any kind of odour, showering is again a solution.  


What are the potential risks of having sex during my period? 

For some women, menstruation is painful, and penetration can be unpleasant. Indeed, during menstruation, the vaginal walls are less moistened and weakened for some women, especially if they wear tampons. However, be careful to remove it when penetrating to avoid it being pushed back into the vagina! One way to avoid pain is to use a lubricant,  take your time with foreplay and prepare you better, or use a condom. 
One of the most common misconceptions is that you cannot get pregnant during your period, but this is not true. Menstruation is not a contraceptive.  Instead, it corresponds to the end of the hormonal cycle. Still, ovulation can vary from one woman to another and spermatozoids survive an average of four days in the vagina. 
Gynaecologists believe that the risk of pregnancy decreases during menstruation, but it is still essential to protect yourself. Especially since, at these times, the vaginal sensitivity leaves room for a greater possibility of vaginal infection and STIs. 


Are there any advantages to sex during my period? 

Having sex during your period can have some benefits. Orgasms can relieve menstrual cramps  resulting from the uterus contracting to release the lining.  With orgasm, the uterus muscles also tighten and then release, which brings relief from cramps.

Sex also triggers endorphins (chemicals) that make you feel good.  Engaging in sexual activity keeps the mind occupied and can help remove menstrual discomfort. It is also essential to know that libido changes throughout the menstrual cycle due to hormonal fluctuations. While some women's libido increases at ovulation time, others experience an increase in libido during their period. 

But you can expect to bleed more after sex, especially if you reach orgasm. However, this increased bleeding allows the blood volume to be evacuated more quickly and shortens the cycle. 
And don't forget, to stay dry during your period, you can use our organic cotton period panties!

Don't forget that having sex during period is also a kind of sport !

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