Our values are at the heart of our DNA and our periods

Nos valeurs au cœur de notre ADN et de nos règles

Beyond wanting to offer you natural, pretty and absorbent menstrual panties, it is important for us to have strong commitments, a DNA that respects our personal values and that accompanies us in each of our actions.

The culture of the organic cotton

Organic cotton is grown with half the water and natural composts. The treatment of the harvest and the dyeing are made with more neutral products for the body, to limit the risks of allergy.

Preservation of resources

The use of bamboo, victim of massive deforestation, did not reflect our values: at Elia, we chose to work with eucalyptus fiber, whose production is also very respectful of the environment.

A local production of menstrual lingerie

Certified Origine France Garantie. Knitting, cutting, embroidery, assembly... Everything is made in our French workshops, our certifications prove it.

A production without waste

A production on demand, against overproduction and fast fashion. The waste and scraps of fabric from our production are even recycled, for a circuit with the least possible losses.

Climate-neutral printing

Elia offsets the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during the printing of our communication materials by supporting ClimatePartner, the Amazonian forest reforestation project,

Gender, generational and diversity equality

No racial differentiation. Only competence counts!

The fight against poverty and especially menstrual precariousness

With our commitments to associations that fight against menstrual insecurity.

Quality care for all and screening for diseases

Donations for associations and projects that fight or talk aboutendometriosis. Our commitment to the hospitals of Paris.

Access to maternity and MAP

Safety for all !

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