What is the influence of the Third Quarter Moon?

Quelle est l'influence du Troisième Quartier de Lune ?

The study of the Moon is a vast field of research: full Moon, crescents, quarters and new Moon... all precise vocabulary to describe work around the Moon's energies. How to benefit from the Moon's energies? What is the third quarter Moon? How does it influence our lives?

Definition: What is the Third Quarter?

In lunology, the Moon' s cycle is considered to last 28 days. Over the course of these 28 days, it passes through different phases, with different powers and influences on our daily lives. These periods are reflected in a change in the moon's aspect. These changes are due to the fact that the moon's position in relation to the sun and the earth changes, which in turn changes the moon's illumination. The phases of the lunar cycle are :

  • Full Moon, when the moon appears in its entirety in the sky;
  • First Quarter ;
  • The first crescent;
  • The waxing Gibbous Moon;
  • The New Moon, i.e. the moment when it seems to disappear and is not visible in the sky;
  • Balsamic Moon;
  • Third Quarter;
  • Dissemination.

When the Moon is "waxing", it first passes through the New Moon to reach the Full Moon. On the other hand, the night star is said to be "waning" when it is full and diminishes to reach the New Moon.

The third quarter is the phase after the Balsamic Moon (or Waning Gibbous Moon). It takes place during the Waning Moon phase. This phase lasts between seven and ten and a half days.

Third Quarter Moon: what are its effects?

The third quarter brings its share of doubts and difficulties. This is because the Moon is waning at this time, and theresulting energy is waning. It's a time totally conducive to transformation. The goal? Get rid of all negative influences and harmful relationships, for example, that are taking up too much of your energy. Instead, focus on yourself, your feelings and emotions, and cultivate the positive energies that are within your reach. You can give up bad habits and set up a healthy routine.

When's the next Third Quarter Moon?

To find out when the Third Quarter Moon is, you need to study lunology and be able to recognize the different phases of the lunar cycle. The Third Quarter is the waning phase, between the Full Moon and the New Moon. Refer to a lunar calendar to understand and recognize the changes of the night star.

What to do during the Third Quarter Moon?

In lunology, the Third Quarter Moon phase can be a bit tricky. In fact, this phase occurs halfway between the Full Moon and the New Moon, in the waning phase. It's during this phase that it's interesting to take stock of your life, your daily routine, what's working and what's not. You can reorient yourself and take stock of your intuitions.

Generally speaking, understanding the phases of the night star helps you to know when the energies are right to carry out certain activities, etc.

Third Quarter Moon FAQ

What influence does the Third Quarter have on sleep?

As with all moon phases, the Third Quarter Moon has an impact on sleep. During the third quarter, the more the moon moves towards a New Moon (i.e. the less full it is), the calmer and less restless sleep becomes.

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