What is an engaged brand?

Qu'est-ce qu'une marque engagée ?

What does it mean to be a committed brand?

A brand can be committed to different issues: on the environmental level (through the materials it uses, the places and methods of production), by supporting local know-how, or even in relation to societal issues.

Why is it important to support committed brands?

Beyond contributing to change on many levels (notably on our consumption habits), supporting a committed brand means supporting the commitments it undertakes. Whether it is environmental, associative or social commitments. It is also voting for transparency towards you, consumers.

When you buy Elia, you support a French company that produces in France (we have the Origine France Garantie certification since our beginning), in short circuits and that supports the local economy. A company with strong convictions: our products are Oeko-Tex certified, and the cotton used in our menstrual panties is organic.

The fight against endometriosis has been at the heart of Elia's DNA since its creation: this is why 10% of our profits are donated to research associations for this disease.

We want to offer products for all women and that each woman can recognize herself in our brand and that our lingerie can be adapted to the greatest number of women.

Moreover, since our customers are at the center of our concerns, our products are all co-designed. Whether it is with health professionals (to ensure that we have the most respectful products for the intimate area), but also with our customers directly.

If you want to participate in the next co-designs, everything happens via our newsletter.

How to co-design products?

By co-designing our products, we make sure that we have a product that fully meets the demand and is as close as possible to what the customer is looking for. Our community helps us in the choice of fabrics, laces, colors, cuts and types of models: in short, to design an ideal product from A to Z. Health professionals help us with the more technical side, so that we can offer you a product that respects your body. Sometimes this even gives us ideas. That's how the reversible bikini top was born: our customers' opinions diverged between two colors, so we found the perfect compromise.


  • Margaux

    J’adore Justine Hutteau !!!

    J’adore aussi Elia et je suis ravie de voir que Marion, la fondatrice prenne la parole sur Elia. On sent qu’il y a une vraie histoire derrière la marque. En tout cas, j’ai bien 12 culottes de la marque ! haha

  • Justine

    génial ce témoignage !

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